Certain community rumors regarding the future of L5/Ballistix have come to the team’s attention. We understand this may have been caused by our recent radio silence regarding the team’s future, and have agreed this was the right time to release an announcement.


The team wants to stay together. Unless an unforeseen personal life event occurs and forces a player to leave, this roster will continue their journey in HGC 2017 as one unit.


There is absolutely no reason for anyone to malign Ballistix. Our sponsorship contract was set to end at the end of the Gold Club World Championship. Both parties entered the deal fully expecting to part come December. In large part due to the team’s fantastic performances over the 2016 Fall Season, however, things have since changed.


Ballistix have a strong interest in retaining the team, and we are in talks. Naturally, there is no guarantee that both parties will reach an agreement, and these negotiations always take some time. Ballistix also understands that the team may decide to sign with another organization that presents a stronger offer.


The team is currently open to all offers. The champions of BlizzCon 2016 and GCWC 2016 are on the market! Interested parties may contact me here or via Twitter. We would be very appreciative if you were to support us by spreading the news.


(Image from battle.net)


Don’t you think the new Ballistix mount looks great? Just saying.