Top 10 Competitive Games of 2016 (Heroes of the Storm)

  • Descriptions have been intentionally left short and ambiguous as to avoid spoilers.


1. MVP Black vs Tempest, HGC Summer Grand Finals, Game 5

  • The grand finale of competitive Heroes’ best series thus far.

2. Tempo Storm vs The Lost Five, Powerleague Season 2 Grand Finals, Game 6

  • The greatest assassin carry performance in Heroes of the Storm history.

3. Fnatic vs Ballistix, HGC Fall Grand Finals, Game 3

  • Despite all odds, the Last Western Hope valiantly refuses to bend without a fight.

4. Team No Limit vs Tempest, Superleague Season 2 Semifinals, Game 4

  • The outcome of these razor-edged teamfights changed the Korean scene forever.

5. eStar vs MVP Black, Gold League Spring Grand Finals, Game 6

  • China’s strongest team to date challenges the Black Death in eternal recurrence.

6. Misfits vs Fnatic, Europe Fall Regional #2 Semifinals, Game 5

  • Backs against the wall, Misfits place faith in their one win condition to rule them all.

7. Team Dignitas vs Fnatic, Europe Fall Region #1 Grand Finals, Game 5

  • Europe’s two most pressured shotcallers are left at match point for vindication.

8. MVP Black vs Tempo Storm, Superleague Season 3 Semifinals, Game 2

  • How one genius can singlehandedly leave the best team in the world confuddled.

9. Cloud9 vs Edward Gaming, HGC Spring Group A Winners Bracket, Game 2

  • A quirky but surprisingly refined Abathur vs Murky showdown on Towers of Doom.

10. Team Liquid vs mYinsanity, Europe Fall Regional #1 Group A Winners Final, Game 2

  • All expectations are destroyed as TL pulls out the most unorthodox draft of the year.


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