— August 2017

A little more K-pop? Kongdoo Company takes fan engagement in new direction

Geguri to become first female competitor in Overwatch APEX

— July 2017

Birdring reaches new heights with Kongdoo Panthera

— June 2017

Afreeca Freecs Blue’s remarkable rise in Overwatch

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Two booked without detention in South Korea over Overwatch match fixing

Homeward bound – MonteCristo & DoA on South Korea, Overwatch and coming home

— November 2016

Team interview with EnVyUs, Overwatch APEX Season 1 champions

OGN’s Gclef & TheMarine offer their APEX finals predictions

EnVyUs HarryHook’s Semifinal Postmatch Interview

AF Blue JIN: “EnVyUs would be the better matchup for us.”

Kongdoo Uncia Fatal on Lunatic-Hai and the current meta

Mickie talks about EnVyUs, D.Va, and Thai Overwatch

BK Stars Alarm: “D.Va is the best tank in the game.”

KongDoo Panthera wakawaka

LuxuryWatch Blue Saebyeolbe

Afreeca Freecs Blue Recry

Tairong: “Korean teams are more strategic and refined in their play.”

— October 2016

Flash Lux E1kiNo & BK Stars Bunny

CONBOX T6 Gamsu & RuNAWAY Runner

BK Stars Twilight & REUNITED vallutaja

EnVyUs Harryhook & LuxuryWatch Blue NoName

— September 2016

Final Offline Qualifiers for OGN Overwatch APEX Approach