League of Legends


— July 2017

Saroo, coach of MVP – ‘I still think we have a chance to make it to Worlds’

How poor CSAT results gave Samsung Galaxy their star toplaner CuVee

— June 2017

Jin Air’s golden fleece: Park ‘Teddy’ Jin-sung

Afreeca Freecs’ Kuro: ‘For me, the team always came first’

— May 2017

MVP’s Max: ‘Even SKT aren’t gods’

ROX Tigers Shy: ‘You’re not supposed to be okay with being a substitute.’

— April 2017

Crown: ‘I live every day, day to day, to win’

— March 2017

Samsung Galaxy’s CoreJJ: ‘My achievements weren’t a fluke’

Smeb on KT Rolster: ‘Our goal is perfection’

Mata on returning to the LCK: ‘It feels more like a debut than a homecoming’

Afreeca’s Marin: ‘I actually was considering staying in China for another year’

— February 2017

GorillA on ROX Tigers: ‘I wonder if there ever could be a team like that again’

Expession: ‘I’ve never really craved attention or popularity’

The juicy tale of South Korea’s bbq Olivers

— December 2016

Faker: “Even solo killing me once puts a player in the limelight.”

Fly & BDD join Longzhu Gaming

Faker to OGN: It was SKT T1’s offer that convinced me to stay

Faker: “Mata said that we should play something fun.”

PraY: “Longzhu let me stay in LCK, so I’m very grateful.”

Smeb: “I’m thinking maybe Mark/Dash could be useful.”

MadLife: “I plan to seek advice for my 1v1 against Uzi.”

Bengi at the airport: “I hope I get to watch Spanish football.”

Marin leaves LGD

TrAce joins Samsung Galaxy as League of Legends coach

From a Polearm Master to the Jungle Itself: Bengi’s Fond Farewell

— November 2016

Samsung Galaxy retains its Worlds 2016 starting roster

inSec joins the growing pool of Korean free agents

Afreeca Freecs release remaining League of Legends roster

CJ Entus releases entire League of Legends roster

Pilot personally confirms his move to PSG eSports

ROX Tigers initiate open tryouts

HyuN, TrAce, Blanc, Pilot, Chei, and Sweet leave Jin Air Green Wings

Cry leaves ROX Tigers

KT Rolster keeps Score, adds Smeb & PawN

Deft? PraY? KT Rolster inner staff reveals imperial ambitions

ESC Ever announces ADC position tryouts

Fly & ssumday leave KT Rolster

Faker, Bang & Wolf will stay: summary of SKT T1’s press release

No Keyless Entry: Loken also leaves ESC Ever

Traveler’s Call: Key leaves ESC Ever

Full Team Postmatch Interview with the ROX Tigers

SKT T1’s Bang gifts his coach kkOma a Rolex

Peanut: “Why couldn’t have we played like this at Worlds?”

From Zero to Hero: Bang’s Growing Pains

CJ Entus MoMo’s misogynistic, psychopathic past

Just how good was X on Y? – LCK’s top 15 Champion Mains

Reach clarifies CJ Entus KeSPA Cup roster controversy

— October 2016

ex-SBENU Flawless refuses all Chinese offers

ex-SBENU Sasin announces retirement

Smeb on ESPN, Odoamne, crazy support picks & more

OGN interviews Faker: “Well, I did it again.”

SKT T1 Prematch Interview with Kkoma, Faker & Bengi

TSM’s 2016, or: the old that is strong should not wither

— September 2016

A Hello to Home from CLG Aphromoo & Stixxay (September 2016)

The Seaman from Taiwan: ahq Westdoor (September 2016)

G2 Trick & Zven want to make EU great again (September 2016)

Top Die: Our Afternoon with Impact

Lunch with Ambition & CuVee

What’s in a name: GorillA

Tiger, All Too Tiger: NoFe

A Night Out with Piglet

— August 2016

Patch Timings and Competitive Integrity

— May 2016

Riot Korea’s Fall from Grace