Longtime listener, first-time caster

Hey guys — this is RallyJaffa, back in the realm of the written word. Thank you for being so welcoming and encouraging over the last two weekends. It meant the world to me.


Before gushing about all the fun I had, I first want to apologize for my voice being rather subdued. Hopefully it wasn’t too obvious on stream, but I had to cast through extremely severe laryngitis — I was coughing up blood every night this weekend — and could barely speak at all off camera, let alone hype things up on air. I would have liked to debut under more auspicious circumstances, but sometimes life throws a rock at you (because life is a Siege Giant) and you have to power through. I’m just glad it wasn’t any worse.


Okay, done with whining! Now for the happy stuff.


Getting to cast at OGN was like walking in a dream for me. I’ve been an esports junkie all my life; I’ve watched OGN every week since 2001. I never imagined that I would be a part of any of their shows, but sometimes life spawns a Tribute at the ideal spot (because life is the Raven Lord) and you get to take it for free. So I did, and it was great.


To be honest, becoming a caster — even a temporary one — had never been on my mind. Sure, I did host three days of Power League Season 2 last year, but that was purely for the community; it’s why I happily retreated as soon as Wolf and Gclef offered to take it up. So I was quite surprised and nervous when I was asked to fill in for Wolf (literally the English voice of Korean Heroes) for a few days.


Overall I think I did a solidly mediocre job. The community reception may have been great — two Reddit appreciation threads in four days has to be some kind of record — but I’m aware that it is partly due to my prior heavy involvement in the Heroes community. (I think I’ve been a great community member, though, so yay in that regard.)


I was happy about my draft analyses for the most part, especially those for the MVP Black vs. MVP Miracle series in which I was able to predict pretty much every single pick and ban. I was very unhappy about my level of general polish and excitement, however, so if I ever happen to fill in for Wolf or Gclef again I promise to do better in those areas. And please reach out to me on Twitter if you have any feedback; I’d appreciate it a lot!


All in all, I guess all those hours burnt in Hero League (Seasons 1~4 GM, peak rank #20, and yes I’m bragging about this here because my mom doesn’t care) weren’t for naught after all! FeelsGoodMan. Until next time, then, see you through my HGC articles and also in the Nexus.


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