[Kept in Translation] Uther Jung Leaves the Nexus for His Country

i12209354141(Original article published on Inven by Haao)

Heroes of the Storm commentator and OGN matinée idol Uther “aMeBa” Jung announced he will be temporarily leaving the scene to complete his mandatory military service. aMeBa had been a part of Superleague ever since the league came into existence.

Shortly after a brief but touching goodbye event from OGN, aMeBa remarked: “I tried not to cry, but seeing the many veteran players in the stands today reminded me of all the wonderful memories I made in Heroes of the Storm. I should also thank all of them for helping me provide quality analysis from the desk.”

“Conscription has been an ever-present concern since my transition to commentator. Deciding to go now was a tough decision, but delaying it further at my age would not have been wise. I am a bit embarrassed that a big deal was made of my leave, as this is something every Korean male goes through – but thank you very much for the wonderful sendoff.”

aMeBa entered the world of eSports in 2006 as a StarCraft: Brood War professional for eSTRO and MBC GAME HERO. In 2010, he transitioned into StarCraft 2 to considerable success, taking home an IEM World Championship the very next year while playing for StarTale. When Heroes of the Storm was released, aMeBa took to the game immediately and laid down the foundation for the Korean scene by founding Team No Limit and Team No Mercy: players he has recruited include Kong, sCsC, Crazymoving, Noblesse, duckdeok, Sniper, JaeHyun, and NacHoJin.

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