My Future in Heroes

A short update on my status quo in eSports.


A month ago, Inven Communications informed me of their plans to expand operations overseas and made it very clear they wanted me on their new global team. After giving it some thought, I decided to give it a go. What exactly I will do on the team is yet to be decided and probably will change daily, but it will be a full-time position.


The Good:

  • I will stay connected to Western Heroes on both the professional and community level.
  • I will have an infinitely easier time working with Inven to bring Inven’s future Heroes content to the English-speaking audience.
  • I will be able to stay in eSports & evaluate my options / prospects for four more months. At the end of the year, I will decide whether to extend under new terms with Inven or move elsewhere as my contract expires.
  • As my official obligations for Tempo Storm Heroes are extremely limited and usually take up little time, Inven have no issues with me retaining my position.


The Bad:

  • Until my contract expires, I will not be able to regularly write Heroes articles unless Inven Global pay me to. While I will try my best to convince them that such would be in their best interests, I am unsure whether they will consider that a sound business idea.
  • As I will no longer have any time to kill, any incentive for me to translate and/or interpret for our players on Twitch will be gone. Just to clarify a common misconception: my work on Hide’s and Hongcono’s streams was not part of my job description for Tempo Storm. While I by no means consider those efforts wasted, as both the players and I had plenty of fun interacting with fans, earning nothing for extended hours of work will no longer be sustainable for me.


The Ugly:

  • The state of KR Hero League matchmaking.


While this is very far from a goodbye, as I plan to stay in the scene at maximum possible capacity, I will definitely miss working on a daily basis to produce top quality Heroes articles. As there is a real chance of me never returning to it, I want to offer my sincerest thanks to everyone who enjoyed and supported my work.


If you would like to see me on Twitch from time to time, mostly helping fans connect with our players, please consider donating or subscribing – simply buying me a beer or two through that would be great too, of course. Whatever you offer as a tip, whether it be for my past or future work, will not go ignored. I may often have been late, but I have always delivered. I always will.


I will try to return as soon as I can with fresh Heroes interviews in hand – until then, see you around on Twitter, Reddit, or Twitch for what soon should become constant streams of quality information regarding Korean eSports!


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