[Remote Delivery] Team Dignitas (July 2016)

Table of Contents

  1. Organization History: Team Dignitas
    • Establishment
    • Establishment / Operations of the Heroes of the Storm Team
    • Status Quo & Future Plans
    • Philosophy
  2. Comprehensive Summer Season Review
    • European Summer Regional #1
    • Dreamhack All-Stars – Tours 2016
    • 2016 HGC Summer Finals
  3. Dreamhack Valencia 2016 Review
    • Insights on team performance
    • Insights on specific games
    • Insights on certain games / the meta at DH Valencia
    • Insights on the post-Valencia meta
    • Plans for the remaining Fall Season
  4. Team Operations
    • Practice Schedule & Structure
    • Team Communication
  5. Evaluating Other Teams/Players
    • MVP Black
    • Tempest
    • eStar
    • mYi
    • Fnatic
    • Crowing Chickens
    • Team Liquid
    • Western Superteam
    • International Superteam
  6. Thoughts on the Game
    • Most/Least Favorite Aspects
    • Changes Needed for Growth
    • Thoughts on the Gul’dan Patch
  7. Thoughts on their Careers & the Scene
    • Why should casual players care about the competitive scene?
    • Is professional Heroes of the Storm dying?
    • How healthy is the EU scene in particular?
    • Would transitioning into a full league system help?
    • Why is Heroes’ regular Twitch viewership so low?
    • How long do you want to stay in professional Heroes?
  8. Shoutouts


Organization History: Team Dignitas

  • Establishment
    • “Team Dignitas was formed in September 2003, after the merger of two excellent Battlefield 1942 teams. The new ‘Dignitas’ Battlefield team went on to be very successful and after attending CeBIT (2004) we held discussions with ABIT and within a few months we had secured our first sponsor.”
    • “By steadily adhering to our initial plans and seizing opportunities as they emerged, we developed what is now an iconic professional gaming brand. We are now one of the world’s leading eSport organisations, with our players recognised across the globe, as they go about competing for major honours.”
  • Establishment / Operations of the Heroes of the Storm Team
    • Bakery and Snitch first became teammates in early 2015 when SK Gaming rebuilt its Heroes roster. The squad were soon to be thrown in a contracted-yet-teamless situation, however, as in June SK would discontinue its operations in Heroes. While waiting for their contracts to run out, Bakery, Snitch, and Zarmony formed a new team – Bob Question Mark – and achieved near instant success. No one was surprised when the hottest team in the region was signed by Team Dignitas in October.
    • It should be mentioned that Team Dignitas initially entered the HotS scene in January 2015, but released that roster in July in hopes of acquiring an entirely new team. Even after picking up Bob Question Mark, Team Dignitas have made a point of always looking for a potential upgrade, going through a revolving door of roster changes to field a modified lineup every season.
    • Team Dignitas is very involved with their Heroes of the Storm team. Squad manager MepH communicates with the team almost every day; even owner / manager Odee talks to the team at least twice a week.
    • As captain, Bakery schedules practice and manages interpersonal relations.
  • Status Quo & Future Plans
    • While Team Dignitas are happy with the individual skill and potential of their current lineup – Bakery, Snitch, JayPL, Ménè, and AlextheProG – they are not yet quite satisfied with their communication and drafting.
    • Team Dignitas are looking for a coach.
  • Playstyle
    • Dignitas has been excellent in teamfights for most of their history. Other European teams have mentioned the best strategy against Dignitas is to avoid teamfights and heavily play the map.

leicester-win(Photo: Team Dignitas)

Comprehensive Summer Season Review

European Summer Regional #1

  • You beat Fnatic, TL, and mYi without dropping a single map. Was such dominance partially due to luck, or were you just that much ahead of the competition then?
    • Alex: “I wasn’t on the team then, so to offer an outside perspective, Dignitas were clearly ahead of the other teams.”
    • Snitch: “Before the event our practice was a bit hit or miss. We were unsure of how well we would do and did not expect such a dominant showing. Basically we found out on stage that we were actually the best team there. It helped that Na’Vi were slumping while FNC were hit hard by the Greymane nerfs.”
    • Bakery: “We were a bit lucky as well. For example, we were the only ones to abuse how broken Kael’thas was on that patch.”
  • In retrospect, is there an aspect of the game that you were great at during this tournament but have failed to reproduce since?
    • Snitch: “Well, other teams improved since then, especially mYi, while we spent a lot of time fixing synergy problems. To add, we were good at playing Tassadar double support compositions back then but have failed to do so since.”
    • Bakery: “We dropped the ball on understanding patches and drafting.”

myinsanity1(Photo: Gaming eSports)

Dreamhack All-Stars – Tours 2016

  • Bakery said that AlexTheProG was chosen as Wubby’s replacement due to what Alex could bring to the team’s drafting and shotcalling. Did Alex immediately fulfill what the team brought him in for, and how far along is he now?
    • Bakery: “The transition was harder than we expected. Some of our strongest qualities, such as on-stage performance, suffered heavily following the roster change, and we are still yet to reach a level of play we can be satisfied with. I do not regret making the move, however. If I could go back in time, knowing full well that we would underachieve both at Dreamhack and the Summer Global Finals, I would still bring in Alex.”
  • Most people know that meshing with a new player & Bakery being sick caused most of your performance issues in this tournament. Were there any other problems?
    • Bakery: “We continued to lock ourselves into double support compositions with JayPL playing the second support most of the time. Jay is a high impact player and needs to be on high impact champions.”

tempest-trophy(Photo: Esports Edition)

2016 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Summer Finals

  • Quarterfinal Groups, vs mYi
    • G1: Thoughts on mYi’s early Zagara pickup? Were you expecting it? How effective was it against you in game?
      • Alex: “We knew they would pick Zagara Thrall and put them on side lanes. It’s an extremely solid strategy on Cursed Hollow that mYi love to run. We really messed up our draft by picking purely for lategame teamfights. We definitely should have addressed their early game laning strength.”
    • G1: What was the logic behind picking Stitches with Muradin in hand? Was the Storm Bolt into Hook combo something you had a lot of success with in scrims?
      • “The Stitches pick was completely improvised. We literally never ran Muradin Stitches before.”
    • G1: Was the game more lost in the draft or by your execution?
      • “Our bad draft did make us feel uncomfortable throughout the game, but we died for no reason multiple times in the early game, so cannot blame the loss entirely on the draft.”
    • G2: How much was the Illidan prepared?
      • Snitch: “It was a bit of a panic pick to take it away from mYi. We did have some practice with Illidan in scrims, though.”
      • Alex: “Teams have different approaches to dealing with Illidan in draft. In scrims we either first picked or second banned Illidan.”
      • Bakery: “I personally think we should have practiced Illidan compositions more.”
    • G2: How good is Li Li against Illidan in professional play?
      • Snitch: “Li Li is 100% fine as an Illidan counterpick.”
      • Bakery: “To expand: Li Li suffers from a lack of waveclear, but Illidan compositions usually lack pushing power anyway; she suffers from a lack of instant healing, but that can be remedied by pairing her with another support; and her strong laning power answers Illidan’s very well.”
      • Snitch: “Water Dragon is great if you can use it usefully/creatively.”
    • G2: Was the game more lost in the draft or by your execution?
      • Alex: “I do think their draft was stronger, but a stupid early death led to a really hard early game for us. I’d say it was more by our failing to execute.”
      • Bakery: “Playing teamfights around the Shrines was so difficult. I felt that we mainly lost in the draft.”


  • Quarterfinals Losers Bracket, vs X-Team
    • G1: Prior to this game, most players, especially Asian players, were absolutely convinced that Dragon Shire TLV was a borderline troll pick. Just how ‘cheesy’ is Dragon Shire TLV?
      • Snitch: “I think Team Liquid Shad made it a fad. It’s extremely strong – broken, even. The Baelog Erik duo lane screws with most solo laners.”
      • Bakery: “Unless the enemy has global mobility it’s basically a free win.”
    • G1: Who do you think is the best TLV player in the world?
      • Snitch: “HasuObs looks very aware compared to other TLV players. He very rarely dies to a gank. There was a game in Dreamhack All-Stars where he never lost a Viking to the enemy Zeratul all game. It was unreal.”
      • “In general, I’d say the two most important things for TLV players are awareness in the laning phase (staying alive and soaking as much as you can) and Viking map placement (for teamfight participation, objectives, and maximum Play Again value).”
      • “I’d say the best TLV player as of now is mYi HasuObs and then TL Shad. Honorable mention to VortiX, the original TLV master back in the days.”
    • G2: Was your last pick Stitches planned this time?
      • Snitch: “It was planned. Stitches + Kael’thas OP! A quick side note about our love for Stitches: MVP Black themselves admitted we were extremely scary to play against when we had Stitches. They even considered second banning Stitches against us every game.”
    • G2: How strong was X-Team compared to other Western teams?
      • Snitch: “Their Xul performance was really overwhelming when we first scrimmed them, and their vision play was quite impressive. I felt they were stronger than Gale Force eSports for sure. I can’t say about Naventic because we did not get to scrim them.”


  • Quarterfinals Losers Bracket Final, vs mYi
    • G1: How scary is mYi with Illidan, and should you have banned another hero in response to mYi’s Zeratul first ban?
      • “Darkmok is the best Illidan in Europe; our Illidan ban was fine.”
    • G1: Did you expect the second rotation TLV pick? Thoughts on Sky Temple TLV?
      • Snitch: “I think it’s meh.”
      • Bakery: “It’s tough to pull off but is strong when executed well.”
      • Alex: “I just hate playing against TLV; rotations become so difficult.”
    • G1: How prepared was your Dehaka?
      • Snitch: “We used to play Dehaka. They probably banned it out of caution.”
      • Bakery: “I don’t think we would have picked Dehaka anyway.”
    • G1: The game seemed to be entirely in the bag for you as the Boss was marching on – why/how was the game ‘thrown’?
      • Snitch: “It was a lapse of concentration.”
      • Bakery: “We thought we could not let mYi take both Temples as our Core would fall, which is why we sent two people to the center Temple… in hindsight, we probably should not have done that and just rushed Core. In the confusion, Mene and Jay sort of forgot we had two people mid.”
      • Alex: “We were extremely impatient and paid the price.”
    • G2: Why the seemingly meaningless Xul + Sylvanas?
      • Snitch: “We were concerned about mYi’s Sylvanas so much that we felt pressured to take it away. I don’t think it was a good call.”
      • Alex: “We seem to go ‘yeah that idea seems good’ when someone comes up with something on stage, instead of sticking to stuff proven in scrims.”
      • Bakery: “We really need to practice drafting more.”
    • G2: This was arguably the closest game in the entire tournament. Was there anything ‘small’ you could have done differently to win it?
      • Snitch & Bakery: “We had a clear chance to rush Core in the late game but lacked the confidence to make the call.”
      • Alex: “We had a chance to snowball the game when we destroyed their bottom Fort. We could go for either center Fort or bottom Keep, but ended up doing neither.”
    • G2: While most of the games were very close, in the end mYi went 4-0 over you in the tournament. Would you say that record well represented the difference between the two teams’ power levels?
      • “mYi were definitely the better team in Sweden, and we have no excuses for our first two games against them. The last two games were extremely close, though, and were decided by the slightest of margins.”

dreamhackdignitas(Photo: DreamHack)

Dreamhack Valencia 2016 Review

  • Insights on team performance
    • Did something suddenly ‘click’ for the current roster, or were you always about this good but finally got to play in a favorable meta?
      • Alex: “In terms of scrim results, we actually started performing well right before the Summer Global Championships; we just failed to replicate that level of play on stage. We finally managed to do that in Valencia.”
    • Many viewers pointed out the Muradin Arthas combination seemed to be crucial to Dignitas’ dominance. Do you agree with this assessment?
      • Alex: “So many teams letting the duo through did help us a lot, but I would not call it a tournament-winning factor.”
      • Bakery: “I’d say it was a bit more important than that. We were clearly performing best when we had those two, and I didn’t understand why everyone kept giving us both.”
    • Since his rework, professional teams around the world have tried but failed to use Arthas with regularity. Dignitas, however, utilized Arthas throughout this tournament and were rewarded with success. Is it the case of Alex being a very good Arthas? Is there something special to how Dignitas draft/use the hero?
      • Alex: “Well, many teams have tried to use Arthas as their main tank – he is a second tank and should be utilized as such. More importantly, however, you need two very good tank players to pull off an Arthas composition well. Most teams don’t have two very good frontliners.”
      • Bakery: “Jay is by far the best main tank in EU and Alex is by far the best second tank in EU.”
      • Snitch: “Our current roster was always ready and willing to play double tank, so the tournament meta shifting towards it helped us a lot, especially with Sonya gone from the game.”
      • Alex: “It was not as if we used one new strategy no one else knew about, though. Other teams also tried to play double tank / Arthas; we were just better at it. On both individual and team levels.”
    • Some viewers, including Korean viewers, felt Dignitas’ approach to the game was more standard and conservative compared to Fnatic’s approach, primarily in terms of shotcalling. Would you agree with this assessment?
      • “We actually heavily disagree. There were several games in which we made ‘objectively’ dangerous decisions simply because we were confident in our ability to pull it off, and we never felt that Fnatic on the whole were being more reckless and/or impactful with their calls.”
    • Are you satistifed with your performance at the event?
      • Mene: “I think we played well overall. I was terrible on Falstad in Game 2 of our 2-1 loss to Fnatic in the group stages, but other than that I was fine. To be honest, we stomped everyone except for Fnatic.”
      • Bakery: “The two games we lost in the Grand Finals felt like our losses to mYi in Sweden, where we drafted horribly and ended up with something we were uncomfortable playing. I actually think we should have taken the finals in a more dominating fashion.”
      • Alex: “To be more precise, the only match that felt like Sweden was Game 2; we lost Game 3 for different, obvious reasons.”
      • Bakery: “In terms of my own play, I was practicing a more aggressive style of play since participating in the Summer Global Finals, but when we got on stage, I reverted to how I historically used to play. I have no complaints, however, as my level of performance was perfectly acceptable.”


  • Insights on certain games / the meta at DH Valencia
    • We saw a lot of Zagara from Snitch in the tournament, a hero he is well known for but has not played for the entire duration of the Summer Season. Reasons for the reunion? Was it related to meta changes?
      • Snitch: “Zagara is really on and off for me. Sometimes I think she’s the best hero in the game; other times I have no idea why picking her would ever be a good idea. I started having success on Zagara again about a week before Valencia, which led us to pick it often.”
      • Bakery: “We aimed to take two ranged assassins in every draft, but rarely prioritized both, which led to many situations in which we wanted to pick a ranged assassin but did not have access to the best. Out of the second-tier choices, Zagara was the one we felt most comfortable with.”
    • Snitch played Greymane quite well in Game 1 of the Grand Finals, but said he felt rather nervous playing Greymane that game. Was then the pick more of a risky takeaway than something well prepared?
      • Snitch: “No, we had enough practice with me on Greymane. It’s more of a personal thing, I just didn’t feel very confident.”
      • Bakery: “I think it’s because there were lots of games in scrims in which Greymane had the lowest damage on the team for some reason we never quite figured out.”
      • Alex: “We enabled Greymane well in some drafts but left him out to dry in others. I don’t think Snitch’s Greymane play itself was the issue.”
    • Thoughts on the mounting prioritization of Lunara in the Grand Finals?
      • Alex: “Going into the finals, we were convinced that Lunara was not early pick material. But as the series went on, we realized Lunara was stronger than we had previously gauged, and that Fnatic were ready to pick her very early in the draft.”
      • Bakery: “We still think Lunara is easily counterable as a first/second pick, but at the time we had not prepared anti-Lunara compositions enough. The safe thing to do was to ban her, and I feel that worked out very well in our favor.”
    • Thoughts on Fnatic’s solo support Tassadar?
      • Jay: “They won that game, so obviously it’s good, right? (laughs) To be serious, their composition made sense. Stacking heroes with plenty of self healing does make solo support Tassadar viable.”
      • Alex: “I feel solo support Tassadar is very strong on Dragon Shire. On most other maps, however, I am yet to be convinced.”
    • Thoughts on Fnatic’s Game 5 Valla pick?
      • Alex: “Tongue in cheek – easiest way to throw a Game 5.”
      • Mene: “I talked to Quacknix a bit after the series. He said that Strafe would straight-up carry teamfights against our composition. It didn’t really look like that in game, though.”
      • Bakery: “Wubby told me Valla was a Lunara replacement of sorts: a ton of sustained AoE poke, strong against Uther. Healing as Uther in that game was actually quite difficult, so I feel the pick itself was justified.”


  • Insights on the post-Valencia meta
    • Over in Korea, we are seeing Kael’thas lose his status as best mage in the game to Li-Ming, as evidenced in the Powerleague S2 Grand Finals. Do you agree with this interpretation of the meta?
      • Alex: “I don’t think Li-Ming and Kael’thas can really be compared.”
      • Mene: “Kael’thas is my main, and our team has the broken ETC / Muradin + Kael’thas combo down well; I think I will still prefer Kael’thas. He brings more reliable damage and brings an AoE stun to add to a CC chain.”
      • Jay: “Our tanks know how to peel well for Kael’thas, and a Kael’thas with space can kill everything.”
    • Many teams around the world are trying to pick up Leoric, but Europe seems to be the only major region having regular success with the Skeleton King. Do you have any tips?
      • Alex: “You want to take Leoric for waveclear and and Entomb pressure. Picking him as a tank counter, as some teams seem to do, is terrible.”
    • Is Jaina finally back in the meta? Will you use her at Gamescom?
      • Mene: “I would like to play Jaina in Gamescom for sure. She may not end up being an all-purpose pick, but she probably will be very strong on some maps. Against an enemy Diablo on Infernal Shrines, for example.”


  • Plans for the remaining Fall Season
    • Following the massive success from your putting Jay on main tank and Alex on second tank, will you consider an actual role swap? Alex to melee flex?
      • Jay: “The meta is shifting again and double tank may not be very good in the future. Alex is clearly better at playing second tank, but that does not necessarily mean we will benefit from always putting me on main tank. We will have to see, but as of now the chances are not that high.”
    • Do you have any specific problems that need addressing, despite being crowned regional champions? Any huge changes in the works?
      • Bakery: “We will be exploring certain things, of course, such as just how comfortable Alex is on second tank. But I expect we will focus more on improving than adjusting. No huge changes.”
    • Expectations for Gamescom?
      • Alex: “We’re aiming for top 8, maybe top 6 if we tryhard. (laughs)”
      • Bakery: “Alex is joking, but we may want to keep some things under wraps until BlizzCon. We still want to have a good showing and will definitely try our best to win, of course.”
    • Expectations for BlizzCon?
      • “Unless we are struck with the misfortune of being placed in a group with two Korean teams and eStar, we will have a very good shot at making the semifinals; beyond that, we are not sure. We do want to be the best team in the world, and Alex joining helped us take one step closer to that goal, but we are not quite there as of now. A lot can change in three months, however, and the meta will most likely shift before then. Let’s see.”

image1462785765(Photo: Team Dignitas)

Team Operations

  • Practice Schedule & Structure
    • Bakery: “We do three scrim blocks per day, sometimes two when scrims are hard to find. It goes something like this: first scrim block from 2 to 4 PM, 1 hour break, second scrim block from 5 to 7, a 1 hour break, final scrim block from 8 to 10. Most of the time we stick together watching replays up to around 11 PM. At bootcamps, we add two more scrim blocks: 12 to 2 PM, 10 to 12 PM.”
    • Snitch: “Once upon a time we had a Hero League quota as well, but dropped it as it did not go very well in practice.”
    • Alex: “I think Hero League is okay practice as long as you don’t tilt. But I tilt.”
    • Bakery: “Picking up new heroes and training synergy with your duo partner are things that can be done in Hero League. In terms of individual improvement, however, I’m not sure Hero League helps that much.”
  • Team Communication
    • Bakery: “Alex is in charge of shotcalling. Jay calls out targets in fights and also contributes to shotcalling when we reach lategame. I keep timers on key enemy abilities.”
    • Alex: “Our communication is improving a lot; we’re talking much more than we did at Dreamhack Tours.”
    • Bakery: “Since Alex came in, Mene gradually reduced his input while Snitch slowly increased his. Snitch makes critical calls from time to time now.”


Evaluating Other Teams/Players

  • MVP Black
    • Snitch: “All five players are very confident and individually talented. Even though they lost their invincible Spring Season form, they are still very strong. We learned a lot from them in scrims, especially how to turn around seemingly lost teamfights.”
    • Alex: “Playing against Sign’s ETC is a living nightmare.”
    • Bakery: “I also think KyoCha’s hero pool brings a lot to their team, and that Rich is a player that can pull out crazy game winning plays out of nowhere.”
  • Tempest
    • Snitch: “Well I remember from our scrims that Hongcono used to jump in like a madman and die a lot… and it was annoying to see Lockdown easily become the best ranged assassin in the world within weeks of switching back to the role. Jokes aside, I really respect how Tempest drafts. Also, Hide is a really good support, dami’s Greymane is phenomenal, and duckdeok’s Tassadar is broken.”
  • eStar
    • Alex: “Since WCA, I truly think eStar is the best team in the world. I love their drafts and rotations. They should have won the series against Tempest.”
    • Snitch: “XiaoT was a driving force for them, but X-Team EleganT informed me that their new iteration is even stronger. I’m hyped.”
    • Bakery: “XingC is a monster, I would say he is very close to Lockdown in skill.”
  • mYi
    • Snitch: “mYi play the game differently. They always come into the game with a clear plan, a clear strategy in mind. It’s a unique approach that works really well for them. I’d like to add that Nurok consistently impresses every tournament and should be considered the unsung hero of mYi.”
  • Fnatic
    • Snitch & Alex: “Fnatic is top 3 EU for sure. We don’t know much about them, though, as we don’t scrim them.”
  • Crowing Chickens
    • Alex: “People should keep an eye out for CC. They play very well when they get a decent draft. They definitely have the potential to break into the top 4.”
  • Team Liquid
    • Snitch: “Team Liquid is looking pretty good at the moment.”
  • Western Superteam (excluding Dignitas members)
    • Bakery: Atheroangel, Splendour, Nurok, Fan, Zaelia
    • Snitch: Atheroangel, Splendour, Nurok, Fan, HasuObs
    • Alex: Blumbi, Splendour, Nurok, Fan, Quacknix
  • International Superteam
    • Bakery: Sign, KyoCha, dami, XingC, merryday
    • Snitch: Sign, KyoCha, Lockdown, dami/Rich, Hide
    • Alex: Sign, KyoCha, Lockdown, XingC, Hide


Thoughts on the Game

  • Most/Least Favorite Aspects
    • Alex: “Hero League matchmaking is terrible.”
    • Snitch: “I enjoyed the Summer Season meta for the most part. Kael’thas and Illidan were annoying but that’s about it for my complaints.”
    • Bakery: “Blizzard has been overly slow to recognize issues with the support role. Having to play Uther Rehgar Kharazim for most of the year took a lot of fun out of the game. I want to play more Medic, I want to play more Malfurion. Some people have suggested lowering healing in general, but that would only remove the need for supports in the game. Blizzard shouldn’t do that.”
  • Changes Needed for Growth
    • Snitch: “There’s still a chance the game could kick off big again if Blizzard makes all the right moves.”
    • Bakery: “To be honest, the game was not very good when it was first released. The balance patches used to come every 3 months, we didn’t have a proper ranked system for over a year… that made a lot of people leave. Now the game actually feels rewarding and is frequently balanced. I think a ‘second release’ of the game would help.”
  • Thoughts on the Gul’dan Patch
    • Snitch: “Laning and wave control will be very important. Not sure I’ll enjoy it, but we’ll have to see how it works out. I appreciate the Regeneration Globe changes a lot, though. More individual carry potential.”
    • Bakery: “I’m highly excited that the game will now prioritize laning and wave control more. Before the scaling changes, Dragon Shire used to be an extremely nuanced map. There were actual opportunity costs to rotating, unlike now, where both teams are somewhat forced to deathball and brawl. More strategic comps were viable and effective then – I hope the game returns to that state!”
    • Alex: “I like the Regeneration Globe changes but am unsure of the minion siege damage increase.”

image1463336533(Photo: Team Dignitas)

Thoughts on their Careers & the Scene

  • Why should casual players care about the competitive scene?
    • Snitch: “I just love eSports, it came naturally to me. I’m not sure how I can change people who think otherwise.”
    • Bakery: “eSports does grow a game – it’s pretty much proven at this point that it does. Yes, many titles do survive without a good pro scene, but try comparing them to those that have a good one. No competition.”
  • Is professional Heroes of the Storm dying?
    • Snitch: “Maybe, maybe not. I don’t subscribe to the doom & gloom myself, but agree that the possibility is real.”
    • Bakery: “Release cycles have been mismanaged for a long time, but the game is now in a good position to recover. If Blizzard does things right we will be fine.”
  • How healthy is the EU scene in particular?
    • Bakery: “Europe is the only scene with four top tier sponsors left, so that’s a huge positive. But the competitive format we have right now is problematic.”
    • “There are five teams in EU that are super solid – Dignitas, mYi, Team Liquid, Fnatic, and teh89. Those five teams will always make it to the next regional. But there are twelve teams that play full time that are not as good. Every season, only three of those can qualify. Nine are left to dry.”
    • “I believe there should be online tournaments with real casters in real studios for those teams that fail to reach the final eight. The current system leaves them with zero exposure and prize money. It’s just not sustainable.”
  • Would transitioning into a full league system help?
    • Bakery: “I definitely agree, and would love to play in a full league. As long as there are regular international events, competitive Heroes will always be exciting. A full league would be much better for pulling in sponsors as well.”
  • Why is Heroes’ regular Twitch viewership so low?
    • Alex: “Most tournaments are horrible to watch live due to too much delay, and the very best tournaments – Korean and Chinese – mostly run at odd hours.”
  • How long do you want to stay in professional Heroes?
    • Alex: “I seriously thought about quitting the game before joining Dignitas. I want to play as long as I have fun and have drive, and since I’m having a lot of both right now, I’m happy to stay for the time being. Once I retire, however, I would not stay in eSports… I would probably return to school.”
    • Snitch: “For me, eSports is my number one passion; if Heroes were to crumble, I would probably try to compete again in another game. I want to stay in Heroes as long as I can, of course. In the long run, I would love to transition into casting and/or production.”
    • Bakery: “I want to stay in Heroes as long as I can, and plan to stay in eSports for the rest of my life. I truly love everything about eSports and want to give a shot at all of the positions out there – game balance, game design, shoutcasting, production, coaching, management, business… everything!”


  • Snitch: “Shoutouts to Team Dignitas for being an amazing organization to work with, to our sponsors for making our operations possible, and to Blizzard for developing Heroes of the Storm. Big thanks to my family and friends for helping me push on – I hope to repay you all by performing well. Follow me, the dankest memer in Heroes, on Twitter! Follow me, the best semi-regular streamer in the world, on Twitch!”
  • Bakery: “Shoutouts to Team Dignitas and all our sponsors. If you want quality updates on the game and our team, follow me on Twitter!”
  • Alex: “Shoutouts to Team Dignitas and all our sponsors. I will start streaming often after Dreamhack Valencia ends – follow me on Twitter and Twitch!”

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