2016 HGC Summer Finals: Group Stage 1

Yesterday marked the end of Group Stage 1 of the 2016 HGC Summer Finals. Two-time Superleague semifinalist JOKER offered to share his insights.

Which team impressed you the most?

  • X-Team looked quite solid and definitely played better than I expected.

Which team impressed you the least?

  • I expected mYinsanity to come out with crazy off-meta picks, but their drafts during Group Stage 1 were extremely standard. Probably saving cards for the next round.
  • Having watched the entirety of the North American Regionals, I wanted to see more of Gale Force, and expected them to perform much better than they did. It made me really sad to see them fail to qualify for Group Stage 2.

Did you find Khroen’s Li-Ming impressive?

  • His skillshot accuracy was clearly remarkable. Definitely the strongest part of his game!


Is Asia Behind on Lunara?

  • Lunara is not first pick material by any means, but I believe that Asian teams are underrating her. As long as she can remain at distance and also have someone else secure kills for her, she’s actually quite powerful.

Thoughts on Gale Force eSports’ use of Lunara in an Illidan composition?

  • It did seem counterintuitive on paper… high risk mediocre return. But these kinds of picks happen when teams trust a player to play something well enough. Gale Force probably placed great faith in MichaelUdall’s Illidan.

Is Asia Behind on Tracer?

  • Tracer is undoubtedly great against mages but is definitely not an all-purpose pick. I’ve seen some NA teams try to run double support Tracer… please don’t do that.

Surprised to see so much Johanna?

  • Johanna currently is one of the worst tanks in the game. She should only be picked in drafts where you absolutely need the main tank to bring exceptional waveclear. She was picked in several games where that was not the case. Painfully mediocre.


Thoughts on Group Stage 2 Group A?

  • MVP Black vs eStar will be exciting as always, but I’m also looking forward to see how Naventic matches up against the two giants.

Any tips for Naventic before they face MVP Black?

  • Sign is a goddamn assassin. If you can’t see him on the map, assume he’s one second away from emerging from the shadows and blowing you up. Conversely, MVP Black play around vision extremely well, so if you take care to not reveal yourself, they will respect your potential presence. Abuse that if you can.
  • I can see a Naventic victory if Fan plays out of his mind. Good luck Fan 🙂

Thoughts on Group Stage 2 Group B?

  • Although Lockdown and duckdeok have international experience, this is Tempest’s first test against foreign teams. I’m very excited to see how they will perform.

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