Superleague 2016 S2 Semifinals Losers Bracket: Mighty vs Tempest

Team Lineups

Pang (Flex)
DDuDDu (Assassin)
Kong (Flex)
ZZANG (Support)
JOKER (Warrior)

  • Pang has previously been criticized for his champion pool but has stepped up to show great versatility recently.
  • DDuDDu has shown great proficiency on Valla in their series against RAVE HOTS, but his mediocrity when playing the more meta ranged assassins is a point of concern.
  • JOKER has developed a new characteristic style of play this season – he always puts himself precariously close to death in performing low-level reconnaissance for his team. His obsession with chokepoint vision control has paid off surprisingly often.
  • This is ZZANG’s first season as a support. While Mighty have been performing better as a team since ZZANG roleswapped away from main tank, ZZANG’s individual play as a support has not been impressive at all.
  • Kong boasts one of the largest hero pools in all of Korea, and his mind for the game in the pick & ban phase has been acknowledged to be Mighty’s greatest strength.
  • Mighty fell to the losers bracket after losing 3-1 to TNL.

Hide (Support)
Lockdown (Warrior/Assassin)
dami (Warrior/Assassin)
Hongcono (Warrior)
duckdeok (Flex)

  • Tempest have recently undergone a midseason roleswap: the main ranged assassin switched to main tank, the main tank switched to utility flex, the main flex switched to main assassin and so on. So far, the changes seem to have been for the better.
  • Hide is ranked third on the Korean Hero League ladder and is acknowledged as one of the best supports in Korea. His Uther play in their loss against MVP Black has been questionable, however, and he will need to redeem himself today.
  • duckdeok used to play Starcraft 2 for MVP before switching to Heroes of the Storm; he was 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe Champion. Now a longtime HotS veteran, he has adapted very well to his new role as flex, expanding his champion pool by a truckload in a very short amount of time.
  • Lockdown is widely acknowledged as the second best individual player in Korea and perhaps the world. Having first made a name for himself as a ranged assassin main, he has essentially returned to his roots through Tempest’s recent roleswap.
  • dami’s Sonya has been very impressive but he has yet to constantly impress on other heroes. His overaggressive tendencies will have to be kept in check if Tempest are to become a truly consistent team.
  • Tempest fell to the losers bracket after losing 3-1 to MVP Black.


Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.


Match 1: Infernal Shrines

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Illidan

  • Standard bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Rehgar Kael’thas / Tassadar Muradin

  • Very standard picks from both sides.

Ban Phase 2: Uther / ETC

  • Obvious bans from both sides.
  • All nine draft decisions up to now have been instant.

Pick Phase 2: Diablo Tychus / Falstad Brightwing / Arthas

  • The first actual decision of the draft: Mighty pull out Diablo, a popular fallback tank on Infernal Shrines. The followup Tychus pick is expected.
  • Tempest throw a spitball by picking Falstad and Brightwing, declaring their intention to largely ignore early shrines and maintain an experience/tempo advantage instead. This plan may backfire heavily when not executed correctly; their composition does not have enough sustained damage to outlast Mighty in teamfights of equal footing.
  • Arthas is solid against Sonya, decent at clearing shrines, and exacerbates Tempest’s precarious lack of damage. Logical last pick from Mighty.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

3:10 Mighty easily muscle away Tempest from the first shrine; it is difficult to understand why Tempest did not immediately retreat and soak. Mighty claim the experience lead.

4:10 Tempest level the experience gap by successfully invading Mighty’s Siege Camp.

5:10 Tempest rotate top to catch out Arthas and destroy Mighty’s Fort; Mighty manage to summon their second Punisher but are unable to push with it. Tempest are now ahead.

7:10 Mighty are losing their cool; by clumsily committing to an unnecessary teamfight they lose Muradin and Arthas for free. Tempest are now a whole level ahead.

8:35 Tempest handily outplay Mighty in a teamfight and further widen the experience gap. Tempest’s rotations have been razor sharp for a few minutes, and Mighty seem to be way in over their head.

10:00 A clinical Mighty Gust from Falstad cuts Mighty off from a potential turnaround.

12:00 An even more impressive Mighty Gust from Falstad allows Tempest to start sealing their victory. Lockdown is truly proving his individual brilliance today.

13:30 World class Falstad play from Lockdown again; this is madness. Tempest take down four members of Mighty as their Punisher starts to split push unfettered.

14:50 Tempest hit level 20 and easily steamroll over Mighty with a four-level advantage. Tempest have have not lost a single Fort or a hero all game. Perfect game.



Match 2: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Tassadar / Illidan

  • Standard bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Rehgar Kael’thas / Muradin Greymane

  • Taking Sonya away from Tempest is fine, but will Sonya be able to function without Tassadar and Rehgar? Mighty ZZANG will have to perform very well on Kharazim if their eventual team composition is to work.
  • Tempest respond with the mandatory Rehgar takeaway and a standard Kael’thas.
  • Mighty pick up Muradin and Greymane, hinting heavily at an Abathur fourth pick.

Ban Phase 2: Uther / ETC

  • Obvious bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 2: Abathur Zeratul / Kharazim Falstad / Tyrael

  • Tempest deny Mighty from Abathur by picking it themselves. Zeratul is the obvious pairing as he works well with Abathur and also discourages Mighty from answering Abathur with Falstad.
  • Mighty are quick to pick Kharazim but look lost afterwards. After using two minutes to mull over various possibilities, they finally lock in Falstad despite the Zeratul.
  • Tempest make the extremely risky decision to round off their team composition with Tyrael. They already have Abathur and Zeratul, two heroes that barely contribute to soaking damage; why would they pick a warrior that always has been unimpressive as a solo tank? Tempest will need constant and perfect Sanctifications if they are to win the game by their own merit.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:30 Tempest take both of Mighty’s bottom outer towers while Mighty take only one in return. Instant experience lead for Tempest.

1:40 Mighty split themselves in retreating from a skirmish. Tempest abuse their mistake and take down Muradin.

2:15 Zeratul takes down Falstad while the rest of Tempest seize control over the temples. Tempest further extend their experience lead.

5:30 Sonya and Zeratul’s lives are exchanged in a brawl but Mighty are left with greener health bars. Mighty secure the bottom temple and claw back into the game.

6:45 Tempest aggressively invade Mighty’s Siege Camp but are thwarted by their innate lack of tankiness and a great Divine Palm on Sonya.

8:10 Mighty catch out and burst down Kael’thas; Sanctification misses by a millisecond. Tempest attempt Babylonian justice on Greymane but a perfect Divine Palm saves him.

9:10 Tempest’s hasty engage despite being a talent tier down costs them dearly. Mighty take down two members of Tempest, capture Boss, secure bottom temple, destroy Tempest’s top Fort, then secure top temple. Mighty are finally at an experience lead.

13:30 Mighty emerge victorious in a prolonged deathless tussle around center temple.

14:10 Zeratul is burst down by Mighty as Ancestral Healing misses by a mile. Mighty now can freely take top temple and further extend their lead.

15:25 Tempest push top in blind desperation but are again punished immediately. Mighty take down Rehgar and Kael’thas, capture Boss, recruit both Siege Camps, hit level 20, then drive straight to Tempest’s Core. Crisp turnaround from Mighty to even the score!



Midmatch Interview

  • Tempest commented their Match 1 draft went according to plan: hand over Rehgar then outsustain him with double support. Despite having lost Match 2 after pulling ahead early, they were confident about the games to come.
  • Mighty felt their Match 1 draft was fine, pointing to their execution as the reason why they lost. They approached the Match 2 draft differently, sticking with what they had good success with in scrims. They were happy that their practice paid off.


Match 3: Battlefield of Eternity

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Greymane / Illidan

  • Tempest ban Greymane without hesitation, declaring intent to pick Sonya.
  • Mighty with the standard Illidan ban.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Rehgar Muradin / Tassadar Falstad

  • Obvious first pick Sonya from Tempest.
  • Mighty respond with Rehgar and Muradin. It is difficult to understand why Mighty would ever want to pick Muradin at this point in the draft when Tassadar remains open; taking away both Rehgar and Tassadar from Sonya dents her presence severely. Mighty may be looking to outperform Tempest in Immortal races where Tassadar’s DPS contribution is nonexistent, but what if Tempest simply decline to race?
  • Tempest pick Tassadar with glee then add Falstad. The Falstad pick works to deny Mighty of the standard answer to Tassadar and also to discourage an Abathur pick.

Ban Phase 2: ETC / Abathur

  • Standard ETC ban from Mighty.
  • Rather unorthodox Abathur ban from Tempest; having Tassadar and Falstad in hand should be enough deterrant in itself. Interesting choice.

Pick Phase 2: Thrall Li-Ming / Tyrande Stitches / Sylvanas

  • Mighty pick Thrall and Li-Ming. DDuDDu’s inability to play Kael’thas properly is yet again causing them to go for the suboptimal mage.
  • Tempest make the surprising but reasonable decision to go for Tyrande and Stitches. Tyrande has always paired decently with Tassadar, especially on this particular map, as Hunter’s Mark slightly makes up for Tassadar’s pitiful DPS against Immortals. The Stitches pick could also work well as Tempest will always have a vision advantage. However Tempest’s composition now looks to be overly reliant on Stitches landing a good Hook here and there; Hongcono will have to be completely on point.
  • Mighty round off their composition nicely with Sylvanas: she offers very respectable DPS against Immortals, heavily empowers allied Immortals, is a general answer to Tassadar, and can counter Hooks with ease.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

2:40 Both teams commit to the Immortal race but Mighty win with 2k to spare. Rehgar choosing Lightning Bond seems to have been instrumental to the victory.

5:45 Tempest seem unaware of their comparative disadvantage against Immortals. Mighty win another Immortal race with 2k to spare, and Tempest are soon two Forts and two Siege Camps down. Clear experience advantage for Mighty.

9:30 Tempest burst down Thrall before he can finish casting Sundering; Ancestral Healing misses by a mile. They are free to summon their first Immortal of the game, and Mighty lose their top Fort. Tempest have finally pulled ahead in experience.

11:00 A clutch Mighty Gust from Falstad saves Sonya and turns the tides of battle. Tempest are now ahead by a whole level.

14:30 Mighty prevail in another Immortal race despite a smart Mighty Gust from Falstad. Tempest are infuriated as they lose by merely 47 HP. The experience gap closes again.

15:30 An extended 5v5 near the 6’o clock Siege Camp features some stellar individual play from both teams; both back off after losing two. Very tense game so far.

17:05 Tempest reclaim their lead thanks to Stitches finally landing a good Hook. Li-Ming is instantly burst down, giving Tempest some time to put a dent in the enemy Immortal.

18:20 A Hook into an Immortal stun into Lunar Flare perfectly stunlocks and kills Thrall; Ancestral Healing misses by a mile. Tempest take their first Immortal of the game!

19:30 Another sweet Hook from Stitches allows Tempest to burst down Muradin and head for the two neutral Siege Camps, but Mighty are not keen on letting them leave and decide to commit to a 4v5. Their recklessness is punished as Tempest take down all five members of Mighty and destroy their bottom Keep.

24:30 After a prolonged battle lasting more than three whole minutes, Tempest manage to summon their Immortal and take down four members of Mighty. The game ends.



Match 4: Cursed Hollow

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Tassadar / Illidan

  • Standard bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 1: Rehgar / Muradin Falstad / Greymane ETC

  • Mighty first pick Rehgar and thus dare Tempest to pick Sonya. Thrilling mind games!
  • Tempest do not want to have anything to do with what looks to be a huge trap. After a long deliberation they ignore Sonya’s siren call and take two very standard picks.
  • Visibly taken aback, Mighty also decide to just fear the unknown and play it safe. Greymane and ETC are Mighty’s response.

Ban Phase 2: Abathur / Uther

  • The Abathur ban from Tempest is slightly unorthodox but not quite noteworthy, considering it is Cursed Hollow.
  • Obvious Uther ban from Mighty.

Pick Phase 2: Sonya Tyrael / Thrall Li-Ming / Kharazim

  • Tempest finally bite the bullet and just pick Sonya. With the choice of either locking in the mandated Kharazim and saving a surprise for last or being safe and securing a priority pick, Tempest go for the latter and select Tyrael. A very durable triple warrior composition, but will Falstad provide nearly enough damage?
  • The obvious trump card here for Mighty would be to pick Kharazim for themselves and use him as a supportive melee assassin; if only Mighty were ready to play it, the pick would be so perfect on all possible fronts that it would hardly be fair. Sadly, no team on earth makes their flex player practice DPS Kharazim in preparation for such fringe scenarios, so Mighty decide to finish their draft with Thrall and Li-Ming. Thrall is understandable, but taking Li-Ming instead of Kael’thas against a quadruple melee team (as Tempest will obviously last pick Kharazim) is frankly inexcusable. If Mighty lose this game and it ends up being close, DDuDDu’s minuscule hero pool will have to be very heavily blamed.
  • Tempest instalock Kharazim as expected. Cannot help but think of what could have been if either Mighty Pang or Kong had prepared a DPS Kharazim.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start. As seen before in a previous match, duckdeok is on Muradin and Hongcono is on Tyrael despite their new roles as flex and main tank. This is because those two particular heroes happen to be the two players’ best respective heroes.

4:20 Two intense minutes pass as a tag team match goes on around the first tribute. After much excitement Tempest end up finally snagging it but Mighty are very much still in the game.

6:40 Mighty manage to snatch the tribute under Tempest’s nose but lose experience and several members in the process. Tempest emerge a whole level ahead.

7:50 Both teams capture their Boss then rush as one to the new tribute, but Tempest can muscle themselves into the better position with their temporary level 10 advantage. Mighty are forced to back off as Li-Ming is caught out and burst down for free; Tempest collect their second tribute.

9:30 With their talent tier advantage, Tempest trigger the curse unopposed then rush Mighty’s top Keep. Falstad flies in and Mighty Gusts half of Mighty into Tempest’s waiting arms, but ETC’s fantastic 5-man Mosh Pit turns the tide completely – the huge turnaround Mighty were waiting for! Mighty save their Keep and drastically close the experience gap.

13:00 With Ancestral Healing down, Mighty allow Tempest take a tribute for free. Tempest then sneakily rush to their Boss but Mighty pick up the scent. Tyrael and Muradin are able to buy enough time for the rest of Tempest to finish and capture Boss, and despite already having used Sanctification, Tempest manage to retreat while taking two for three. Boss takes down Mighty’s top Keep. Tempest are again in the lead.

16:00 Tempest successfully stop Mighty from triggering the curse at the cost of allowing their bottom Keep to fall to Boss for free. Kharazim’s Seven-Sided Strike was instrumental in Tempest’s bursting down ETC in a blink of an eye.

17:20 With ETC down, Tempest confidently smash open the gates to Mighty’s center Keep. With a momentary level 20 advantage, Tempest manage to destroy the Keep, kill Rehgar, and retreat in safety.

18:40 With Mighty at a distance, Tempest trigger the curse without opposition then move to take their Boss for the final push. Mighty head over desperately to contest, but ETC dies in a flash yet again to Seven-Sided Strike. Without their tank Mighty crumble like leaves. Tempest swiftly take down four members of Mighty and end the game.

Mighty’s season is over.




Postmatch Interview Tidbits with Tempest Lockdown

  • I am happy with my performance with Falstad today. I did make a few mistakes but overall I made some great plays.
  • Falstad tips for beginners? Um… poke from range then go in when it seems right… play a lot… practicing well is more important than just spamming games… er… yeah.
  • After Match 2 we felt Falstad was the key to victory today.
  • Playing games is always fun in itself and so is playing together with my brother Hide; I don’t feel much pressure from having left MVP Black for this new team.
  • My not receiving as much MVP awards as before is okay too. It’s a team game.
  • Our scrim results against TNL have been terrible. I promise to try but to be honest I don’t have much confidence.


Postbroadcast Interview Tidbits with Tempest dami

  • Our teamwork was way off in our previous loss against TNL but it has since improved. I believe we now have what it takes to beat them.
  • Hide originally proposed our midseason roleswap. Our new roles were assigned after we experimented plenty in scrims.
  • It’s not me being fantastic with Sonya; Sonya is just a very good pick at the moment. She can both dish it out and take it. I rarely have trouble surviving because Lockdown always follows up my initiations with tons of damage.
  • The team prioritizes putting me on Sonya but I’m okay with playing other heroes. I promise to not lose focus and perform well on non-Sonya picks in our next series.

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