Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group B Losers Final: Tempest vs DsA

Team Lineups

Hide (Support)
Lockdown (Warrior/Assassin)
dami (Warrior/Assassin)
Hongcono (Warrior)
duckdeok (Flex)

  • Since their previous loss to DsA, Tempest have decided upon to roleswap across the team excluding the support: the main ranged assassin switched to main tank, the main tank switched to utility flex, the main flex switched to main assassin… as such, the commentators are both worried and excited about the changes.
  • For those interested, duckdeok used to play Starcraft 2 for MVP before switching to Heroes of the Storm. He was the champion of 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe.
  • Lockdown is widely acknowledged as the second best individual player in Korea and perhaps the world. Having first made a name for himself as a ranged assassin main, he has essentially returned to his roots through Tempest’s recent roleswap.
  • Tempest’s last series was a stomp against TAS. You can read the match report here.

ttsst (Warrior)
reset (Assassin)
kinnu (Support)
bdg (Warrior/Assassin)
nachojin (Flex)

  • DsA consist of star veteran players desperate for a Superleague title. Most of the current DsA lineup have been recruited by kinnu.
  • kinnu is known as one of the brightest strategical minds in Korea. It is understood he recently has been studying the meta of various foreign regions and is willing to assimilate some of it in their play.
  • nachojin boasts a huge champion pool and also has a shrewd mind for the game. Korean commentators have joked that DsA picks and bans on a dual-core processor.
  • ttsst is considered to be in the form of his life both by experts and his teammates. Experts have him as the third best tank in Korea after MVP Black sign and TNL Noblesse; his teammates have been calling him “sign Lite” as a high compliment.
  • DsA’s last series was a loss against TNL; you can read the match report here. After their loss, reset and bdg have decided to switch positions. reset will move back to ranged assassin and bdg will move back to warrior/assassin.


Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.
  • This series will be played on the new patch.


Match 1: Cursed Hollow

Pick & Ban Phase
Tempest | DsA

Ban Phase 1: Tassadar / Illidan

  • DsA first ban Tassadar, a recent standard in Korea.
  • Standard Illidan ban from Tempest.

Pick Phase 1: Falstad / Sonya Rehgar / ETC Uther

  • DsA go for a Falstad first pick. He used to be safe and standard, but with his talent tree being heavily shuffled, it may not be the case anymore. This match should tell.
  • Tempest take the very standard Sonya and Rehgar. Both heroes are boasting insane winrates this season, bringing victory to their team nearly every game.
  • DsA respond in standard fashion with ETC and Uther.

Ban Phase 2: Zeratul / Muradin

  • A surprising Zeratul ban comes out from Tempest, leaving all slightly puzzled.
  • Obvious Muradin ban from DsA.

Pick Phase 2: Kael’thas Tyrael / Thrall Li-Ming / Chen

  • Tempest select the standard Kael’thas then a surprise Tyrael. Tyrael has performed very poorly in Superleague so far when used as the main tank. Will he be one today?
  • DsA respond with two more standard picks, Thrall and Li-Ming.
  • Tempest pull out the surprise Chen – a beautiful strategic choice on several fronts! Chen can bully both Thrall and Falstad out of a solo lane, offers insane Boss control with Wandering Keg (alongside Tyrael) on a map with two Bosses, negates Tyrael’s vulnerability as a main tank, and can throw serious wrenches in DsA’s ideal combo sequence (chaining a heap of AoE crowd control ultimates). Tempest’s Zeratul ban makes much more sense now as well.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:30 DsA try to whittle down a bottom outer tower before the first wave but fail to retreat in time as Tempest engage. Tempest take down Uther.

1:20 DsA try to take down Kael’thas near his bottom Gate dives in too deep. ETC falls.

3:30 As the two teams gather around the first tribute in a 4v4 standoff, Chen is smashing in DsA’s top Fort with Siege Mercenaries at his side; Falstad has no method of resisting. Knowing they cannot afford to stay put, DsA force an engage and take down Rehgar.

4:20 With Rehgar gone, DsA manage to take the first tribute but lose the ensuing skirmish; Tempest are happy to take down two for losing one.

5:33 Tempest ambush and take down Thrall, allowing them to secure their first tribute.

6:55 Chen perfectly pins Falstad into the wall with Wandering Keg and Tempest take him down. Clinical Chen play so far coming out from duckdeok! Tempest hold a slight lead.

7:40 Just as DsA almost finishes capturing the second tribute, Sonya pulls herself into the center of the entire enemy team. The greedy initiation is immediately punished as Thrall uses Sundering to cut Sonya off from help. Sonya dies alone.

8:05 Amidst the following tussle over the still active tribute, Falstad flies in at the perfect angle to Mighty Gust Rehgar and Kael’thas into all of DsA. Beautiful play.

9:10 Tempest head towards their Boss and DsA decide to go for the steal. It turns out to be a bad decision and its repercussions are amplified by an embarrassing Mighty Gust whiff. The Boss is secured by Tempest and several members of DsA fall, allowing Tempest to tear down the outer structures of DsA’s bottom Keep.

11:45 DsA finally turn things around with a teamfight, taking three members of Tempest and losing only Uther. However Chen makes the correct decision to back off early and secure their third tribute, setting off the curse just as DsA start their push.

13:35 A huge 5v5 erupts as Tempest approach DsA’s bottom Keep. Falstad pushes three members of Tempest against a wall and Thrall lands a five-man Sundering, but ETC is too far from the action and does not get a chance to chain his two AoE crowd control abilities. What was looking to be a fantastic engage for DsA backfires heavily and Tempest emerge victorious; they destroy DsA’s bottom Keep and back off at a one-man advantage.

14:45 Tempest greedily attempt to two-man their Boss by sending Tyrael to hearth. Their naivety is punished as ETC and Falstad arrive at the scene and kill Kael’thas.

15:40 As DsA take their Boss, Chen looks for a steal with Wandering Keg, but a perfect Divine Shield onto Thrall denies the attempt. DsA push top as five alongside their Boss, are gifted a 2-for-1 exchange by a sloppy initiation from Tempest, activate the curse, then rotate down to take blue side Boss as well. Both teams are now at level 20.

21:45 A 5v5 standoff near the new tribute ends with Tempest taking tribute count two.

22:30 DsA rush forward to deny what they believe to be a Boss attempt from Tempest, but unfortunately discover all of Tempest waiting in a bush. Caught in terrible position, they lose more than half their team and are forced to back off.

24:05 Falstad stalls for time as Tempest attempt to take their Boss; DsA succeeds in halting the Boss attempt but lose several members while retreating. After one last clutch attempt at a turnaround 3v4 victory near their Core, all of DsA fall. Tempest win the game.



Match 2: Infernal Shrine

Pick & Ban Phase
Tempest | DsA

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Illidan

  • Both teams opt for very standard bans.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Kael’thas ETC / Sonya Rehgar

  • Quite literally nothing to explain: this is (was) the meta as you know it. From a purely statistical standpoint, however, Sonya and Rehgar’s winrates are both above 80% – Kael’thas and ETC’s, not so much. Tempest are getting the better end of the stick.

Ban Phase 2: Tyrael / Uther

  • Apparently DsA have been seriously impressed by Hongcono’s Tyrael.
  • Obvious Uther ban from Tempest.

Pick Phase 2: Sylvanas Thrall / Muradin Li-MingLt. Morales

  • Against Tassadar (with Xul unavailable), either Falstad or Sylvanas is usually taken. DsA decide to go for Sylvanas and add a standard Thrall.
  • With a DsA Tychus pick no longer possible, Tempest are happy to lock in Muradin. For their ranged assassin they choose Li-Ming over Greymane.
  • DsA bring out a surprise Lt. Morales. There seems to be no particular logic behind it and is probably a product of kinnu’s shallow support hero pool. It is very difficult to imagine how the Lt. Morales pick could synergize with or work out well for DsA.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:55 Tempest catch out Lt. Morales and take her down.

3:05 DsA stall at the shrine as a 4-man unit while Sylvanas hard pushes top. A clinical call. DsA stay completely even in experience and structures.

4:15 Tempest catch out Kael’thas and take him down.

6:00 The second shrine activates and DsA send Sylvanas off to splitpush again. Tempest manage to take down Thrall in the 5v4 and capture the Punisher swiftly, but fail to take a Fort with it. DsA are still completely even in experience.

8:50 Sonya heads top to halt Sylvanas’ splitpush and succeeds in pushing Sylvanas back, but Sonya’s absence causes Tempest to lose a 4v4 down bottom.

9:50 A series of beautiful Force Walls allow Tempest to take down three members of DsA. Tempest triumphantly head to the activated shrine and summon the Punisher.

11:10 As the Punisher is being summoned, ETC makes a terrible decision to engage with Mosh Pit when the rest of DsA is slightly behind. The botched engage is severely punished with another fantastic Force Wall, and four members of DsA fall. Tempest take down the center Fort with ease.

12:30 Tempest make another great engage upon DsA, ending up taking down two members and destroying DsA’s center Keep. Tempest now sit upon a huge advantage.

14:30 DsA attempt to turn the game around with a full-on 5v5 but end up losing miserably. Tempest streamroll over DsA and end the game.



Midmatch Interview

  • During the break, OGN played a recent special interview, ‘A Day Out with Merryday’. It has English subtitles and many of the questions are not just fluff, check it out!
  • Tempest explained their Match 1 triple warrior composition worked well because DsA did not pick enough crowd control. They also mentioned that Sonya and Thrall are relatively even but Sonya brings more power to teamfights.
  • DsA promised to start drafting better after the break.


Match 3: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
Tempest | DsA

Ban Phase 1: Uther / Illidan

  • Looking to first pick Sonya, DsA make the radical decision to first ban Uther. Why Uther instead of Rehgar is not quite understandable, however.
  • Standard Illidan ban from Tempest.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Tassadar Rehgar / Kael’thas Muradin

  • Obvious Sonya first pick from DsA.
  • As previously reported, Tassadar+Rehgar is now considered to be as if not more powerful than the traditional Tassadar+Tyrande. Taking Tassadar and Rehgar together not only denies DsA the three best supports in the game (including DsA’s self inflicted Uther ban) for Sonya, but also chips away at kinnu’s hero pool, which is turning out to look problematically small.
  • DsA respond by taking two very standard picks in Kael’thas and Muradin.

Ban Phase 2: Lt. Morales / Li-Ming

  • Looking to force kinnu upon Kharazim, Tempest makes an at first hilarious but quite logical Lt. Morales ban. It helps Lt. Morales also threatens to pair well with Sonya.
  • Instead of the expected Tychus or ETC, DsA choose to ban Li-Ming. It remains to be seen whether DsA’s characteristic prioritization of mages in the draft will pay off.

Pick Phase 2: ETC Tychus / Valla Kharazim / Thrall

  • Both ETC and Tychus are open and Tempest happily take both.
  • DsA take Valla and Kharazim. Valla is used as a soft pocket counterpick against ETC by many ranged assassin players; Kharazim is somewhat of a forced choice.
  • Tempest round out their very standard composition with Thrall.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:25 Tempest succeed in taking down a bottom outer tower before DsA can collapse.

2:00 After a long tussle near the center temple, Tempest take down Kael’thas and secure the objective. Tempest are starting to build up an experience advantage.

3:30 Tychus takes down Valla alone up top. Tempest further their lead.

5:30 In an extended teamfight at the bottom temple DsA come out slightly ahead in the end with a 2-for-1 exchange. Despite securing it DsA are still at an experience deficit.

7:25 A sudden 5v5 breaks out in front of Tempest’s center Fort. Both teams fought very well but Ancestral Healing is used too late to save ETC. Another slim victory for DsA.

9:40 Two successive teamfight victories suddenly fling the game into DsA’s hands as they secure center temple, bottom temple, Boss, and a large experience advantage. Tempest are not playing cautiously enough despite having their composition being great at responding to initiations; their thirst for blood is starting to cost them the game.

14:00 Tempest continue to play way too aggressively even when behind, facechecking into an obvious ambush and taking a double Storm Bolt to their backline’s face. DsA secure the top temple after steamrolling over Tempest, now nearing a four-level advantage.

15:50 Tempest maintain their reckless aggression, diving into a 5v5 even with DsA having the level 20 advantage; their bravery surprisingly pays off as a 3-man Mosh Pit allows for a 2-for-1 exchange in favor of Tempest. Sadly they soon discover that the power of a late game Sonya is just too much for a mere numbers advantage to handle. Thrall is the last to fall as Sonya emerges as the sole survivor of the battle. The casters are gushing mad about how utterly overpowered Sonya seems to be at the moment.

17:40 Having already destroyed all six of Tempest’s main structures while losing none of theirs, DsA peacefully end the game by destroying Tempest’s Core with temple lasers.



Match 4: Battleground of Eternity

Pick & Ban Phase
Tempest | DsA

Ban Phase 1: Greymane / Illidan

  • Tempest ban Greymane, thus forcing DsA to answer the question: do you want to give us Illidan or Sonya? (If you open both, we will take Sonya. Simple.)
  • After the lengthiest deliberation preceding a first ban this season, DsA ban Illidan.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Li-Ming Tassadar / Rehgar Kael’thas

  • All of Tempest are shown smiling as they instalock Sonya.
  • DsA tentatively take Li-Ming and Tassadar. The Tassadar pick is understandable by all means, but taking Li-Ming this early seems a bit suboptimal… unless DsA have planned something in particular.
  • Tempest’s smiles crack wider as they instalock Rehgar then follow up with Kael’thas. So far both teams have not strayed far from the standard meta picks.

Ban Phase 2: Muradin / ETC

  • DsA ask Tempest to ban ETC by banning Muradin.
  • Tempest ban ETC as expected.

Pick Phase 2: Arthas Tyrael / Falstad Stitches / Tyrande

  • DsA pull out the surprise Arthas and also deny Hongcono Tyrael, effectively taking away four tanks from Tempest. The Arthas pick in particular provides justification for DsA picking Li-Ming so early on into the draft.
  • Tempest answer by picking Falstad and Stitches. Falstad is a very standard answer to Tassadar. Stitches seems to be more of a ‘not much is left for me to play’ pick, but thankfully it does not look too shabby against DsA’s composition.
  • The Tyrande pick makes zero sense in DsA’s composition; apart from complimenting Tassadar well in general and helping burst down Immortals with Hunter’s Mark, she brings nearly nothing of what DsA needs. If anything Tempest are the ones that profit from the Tyrande pick, as their composition excels in picking off immobile squishies. Will kinnu’s poor support champion pool end up costing DsA yet another game?


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:45 Tempest take down Tassadar at bottom, DsA take down Sonya at top.

2:10 Arthas makes a beautiful flank to root two members of Tempest with Howling Blast, allowing DsA to take down both and confidently capture their first Immortal. They are now at a one-level lead.

5:00 Both teams split into groups of 1 and 4 then exchange a Fort for a Fort.

6:15 Despite Arthas showing off some serious fortitude with the help of Tassadar, it is not enough to negate the uselessness of DsA’s silly Tyrande pick. Tempest take the Immortal.

8:30 Tempest take down two members of DsA in a full-on 5v5. It is made clear that DsA will not be able to win teamfights if either Tyrande or Li-Ming is subject to Pyroblast.

10:00 Tempest emerge slightly victorious in two successive teamfights and inflict three deaths upon DsA. They secure their Immortal at nearly full health and take down DsA’s  top Keep alongside it. Tempest now have full possession of the driver’s seat.

12:50 Despite losing their top Keep, DsA commit to the chase and manage to take down two members of Tempest, slightly bridging the experience gap but still left quite behind.

14:00 DsA are caught between a rock and a hard place in transit near the Tempest base. They lose several members and allow yet another Immortal to be secured by Tempest.

16:50 Tempest destroy DsA’s bottom Keep and the Core alongside the Immortal.

DsA’s season is over.



Postmatch Interview Tidbits with Tempest Hide

  • Today’s series were quite neck and neck; we’re very happy to have won, although we were not pleased to drop Match 3.
  • I agree that Sonya was the key of the draft for all four games. We lost Match 3 mainly because we naively left up Sonya for DsA to first pick.
  • Arthas’ recent buffs are great. He is definitely worthy of tournament play; we had a hard time playing against him today in Match 4.
  • I’m the only member of my team that has never reached the semifinal of a major tournament. What I have achieved today really means a lot to me.
  • Shoutout to my parents for coming out and cheering for me and my younger brother Lockdown! Your moral support helped us a lot, thank you.
  • Having been on MVP Black’s bygone sister team MVP Sky, I look forward to playing against them in our next match.
  • Thanks to all our fans and also to Mighty for scrimming with us often.


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