Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group B Losers Bracket: TAS vs Tempest

Team Lineups

GGaMang (Flex)
HaeBiN (Warrior)
L1on (Warrior)
OnyXian (Support)
Sungwoo (Assassin)

  • TAS is an amateur team of near-unknown rookies.
  • HaeBiN is the team captain and main tank.
  • GGaMang has been known to have a wide champion pool in HL.
  • For over a month, Sungwoo has been playing at least ten HL games a day apart from scrims, nearly never even logging off from the client. The casters note this counts as phenomenal practice even for Korean standards.

Hide (Support)
Lockdown (Warrior/Assassin)
dami (Warrior/Assassin)
Hongcono (Warrior)
duckdeok (Flex)

  • Since their recent loss to DsA, Tempest have decided upon to roleswap across the team excluding the support: the main ranged assassin switched to main tank, the main tank switched to utility flex, the main flex switched to main assassin… as such, the commentators are both worried and excited about the changes.
  • For those interested, duckdeok used to play Starcraft 2 for MVP before switching to Heroes of the Storm. He was the champion of 2013 WCS Season 2 Europe.
  • Lockdown is widely acknowledged as the second best individual player in Korea.


Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.


Match 1: Infernal Shrines

Pick & Ban Phase
TAS | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Illidan

  • Very standard bans from both teams.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Sonya Rehgar / Kael’thas Thrall

  • TAS first pick Tassadar as has been very popular in Korea recently.
  • Tempest pick the standard Sonya and Rehgar. It is curious why they chose Rehgar over Kael’thas; perhaps this is due to Tassadar+Rehgar recently becoming as popular and powerful as the more traditional Tassadar+Tyrande.
  • TAS are happy to take Kael’thas and take another standard pick in Thrall.

Ban Phase 2: Uther / Li-Ming

  • Obvious Uther ban from Tempest.
  • TAS ban Li-Ming. It may be due to her threat against Kael’thas.

Pick Phase 2: ETC Tychus / Diablo Tyrande / Falstad

  • Tempest take ETC and a Muradin hard counter together. The Tychus pick should be particularly meaningful for Tempest Lockdown; his initial rise to fame came from his insane Tychus play nearly two years back.
  • Scared to pick Muradin into Tychus, TAS go with the traditional Diablo + Tyrande.
  • Falstad rounds out Tempest’s composition in a standard manner and can also cancel Diablo + Tyrande initiations with Mighty Gust.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

1:45 TAS catch out a grossly mispositioned Sonya and start heading to the first Shrine.

2:25 TAS are overconfident after their first blood and are naively caught in a bad position. Thrall, Tyrande, Kael’thas, and Diablo fall.

3:15 For some unfathomable reason, Tyrande just walks straight into all of Tempest and dies again. A very confused Thrall dies shortly after. Tempest take the first Punisher.

6:05 Knowing TAS will forfeit the second shrine and head top to push, Tempest also leave the shrine alone and follow upwards for a pick. Kael’thas is caught out and dies. Tempest rotate to center Fort and destroy it.

7:40 Tempest take the second Punisher and destroy the bottom Fort with it. A messy fight with many abilities missing leads to a 2-for-1 exchange in favor of Tempest.

10:30 TAS try to catch out Sonya soloing the third shrine, but Falstad arrives and Mighty Gusts to turn the tide. Two members of TAS fall and Tempest capture their third Punisher.

12:00 A full-on teamfight breaks out near TAS’ top Keep. TAS lose their Keep and several members but manage to hold Tempest off for the time being.

14:00 A messy teamfight near the fourth shrine ends up with both teams backing off after several deaths. The fourth Punisher still goes to Tempest, however.

16:15 With the level 20 advantage and a Punisher, Tempest take down the center Keep, wipe all members of TAS in the ensuing teamfight, and leisurely destroy the Core.



Match 2: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
TAS | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Falstad / Illidan

  • A slightly unorthodox but wholly understandable Falstad first ban; it can be gleaned from the ban that TAS wants to first pick Tassadar again.
  • Standard Illidan ban from Tempest.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Sonya Rehgar / Kael’thas Muradin

  • TAS first picks Tassadar as expected.
  • Tempest stick with their Match 1 picks for the same reasons.
  • TAS take Kael’thas and Muradin this time, probably planning to ban Tychus.

Ban Phase 2: Uther / Greymane

  • Obvious Uther ban from Tempest.
  • TAS bans Greymane instead of Tychus. This simply cannot be understood. Perhaps TAS have planned a truly radical draft that ensures Muradin’s safety against Tychus?

Pick Phase 2: ETC Tychus / Tyrande Thrall / Xul

  • Tempest stick with their Match 1 picks.
  • TAS select Tyrande and Thrall. Other than the Muradin in place of Diablo, TAS’ picks for this game are identical to theirs from Match 1.
  • Tempest last pick Xul. Xul is a great pickup here as Tassadar simply cannot keep up with Xul’s rotations. Also influencing the pick is duckdeok’s not having much time to alter his champion pool following the huge roleswap: he has mainly been practicing Falstad and Xul in Hero League.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:30 TAS pull off a clean ambush and take down Rehgar.

1:30 Xul quickly shoves in both the botlane and midlane wave then starts soloing center temple, allowing the rest of Tempest to move to catch out Thrall soloing top temple. TAS are not far behind, however, and both teams retreat following a bloody draw of sorts.

2:40 Tempest catches out a mindlessly pushing Muradin and freely claim top temple.

4:00 Xul has been running circles around the map since the start of the game and TAS seem to have no idea how to respond. TAS does somehow manage to pick Xul off once but cannot afford to continuously commit so many members to it. The experience gap will be nigh unbridgeable without a huge teamfight victory.

6:30 Four members of TAS chase Xul in vain while Tempest take both bottom temple and Boss. Tempest then soon take both center and bottom temple with their three-level lead.

10:50 Tempest advance to TAS’ bottom Keep. Muradin melts like butter as Tychus applies the hot knife, and Tempest destroy two Keeps before retreating.

12:03 Tempest catch out Thrall and successfully capture Boss. Four members of TAS fall in the following chase. The game ends shortly after.



Midmatch Interview

  • Tempest felt their massive roleswap was working out okay despite the few expectable hiccups. duckdeok mentioned he has not been playing perfectly but is determined to make less mistakes after the break.
  • TAS was very disappointed to lose so miserably after practicing so hard, but vowed to try even harder to strike back after the break.


Match 3: Cursed Hollow

Pick & Ban Phase
TAS | Tempest

Ban Phase 1: Tassadar / Illidan

  • TAS suddenly opt to first ban Tassadar after first picking it themselves in both prior games. Not quite understandable, but it may be preparation for an Abathur first pick when considering the map.
  • Tempest stick with their standard Illidan ban.

Pick Phase 1: Falstad / Thrall Muradin / ETC Rehgar

  • TAS decide to go with the unimpressive but safe first pick Falstad.
  • Tempest also mix things up by taking away Thrall and following up with Muradin.
  • TAS continue their standard drafting by picking ETC and Rehgar.

Ban Phase 2: Sonya / Uther

  • Very obvious bans from both teams.

Pick Phase 2: Li-Ming Tyrael / Greymane Zeratul / Kharazim

  • Tempest takes the standard Li-Ming but adds in a surprise Tyrael for no apparent reason. It is assumed duckdeok will return to his favorite stout dwarf for a game.
  • TAS take Greymane and Zeratul together; they work well against Li-Ming and also benefit heavily from the enemy team not having access to both Rehgar and Uther. This pick also helps make sense of TAS’ previous Tassadar first ban.
  • Hide has some sad history regarding Kharazim – despite being publicly thanked by MVP Black’s Merryday for teaching him how to play the hero, Hide’s own debut on the monk was extremely disappointing. Will Hide manage to redeem his Kharazim on this new team?


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

2:51 Tempest take the first tribute as TAS choose to soak.

5:00 Some fantastic individual play by Greymane buys TAS much needed time. TAS then take down two members of Tempest in the continued skirmish, securing their first tribute.

7:30 TAS foolishly facecheck a hilariously obvious death bush and lose three members. The tribute goes to Tempest. Both teams back off to capture their respective sides’ Boss.

9:45 Tempest catch out and burst down Zeratul near their soon-to-be third tribute. Under the curse they take TAS’ bottom Keep.

12:30 Tempest start pushing TAS’ top Keep. TAS engage despite their talent disadvantage in an attempt to defend, but somewhat outplay themselves and also are slightly outplayed in the teamfight. TAS lose their Keep, all five members of their team, and their Core.



Postmatch Interview Tidbits with Tempest duckdeok

  • Our entire team played well so I’m not sure why I was selected as the MVP. Thanks for picking me anyway, though.
  • I really love playing damage dealers but was stuck playing main tank for a long time. I’m very happy that I will be able to do that from time to time now.
  • My Falstad play in Match 1 wasn’t that great. I will make less mistakes tomorrow.
  • We feigned confidence in our previous series against TNL, but in truth we were quite nervous. Today’s matches really helped us become more comfortable in the booth.
  • We promise to bring some fresh picks, tomorrow being patch day and all.

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