Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group A Losers Bracket Final: Mighty vs RoMg

Team Lineups

Pang (Flex)
DDuDDu (Assassin)
Kong (Flex)
ZZANG (Support)
JOKER (Warrior)

SWoN (Flex)
Good (Flex with Warrior/Assassin preference)
Mdk (Flex)
ePrime (Flex)
Frankle (Assassin)

  • The casters heavily emphasize how crazy RoMg’s roleswapping was in their series against RAVE HOTS yesterday, curious as to whether it will continue to work.
  • Frankle is known for his excellent skillshot accuracy in Hero League.


Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.
  • The two teams are publicly known to be on great terms.


Match 1: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | RoMg

Ban Phase 1: Kael’thas / Illidan

  • Both teams opt for very standard first bans.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Muradin Sonya / ETC Falstad

  • RoMg first pick Tassadar, softly deterring a possible Abathur pick.
  • Mighty respond with two very standard picks, Muradin and Sonya.
  • RoMg are somewhat forced to take ETC as Mighty could ban it in the next phase. Their next choice is Falstad, a highly contested yet inexplicably poorly performing top tier pick. Only MVP Black KyoCha has managed to win with the Wildhammer Thane this season; Falstad’s winrate as of this match sits at 12.5%.

Ban Phase 2: Thrall / Li-Ming

  • With Sonya in hand, Mighty take out the other top tier melee assassin, Thrall.
  • RoMg decide Li-Ming is scarier than Greymane.

Pick Phase 2: Greymane Rehgar / Tyrande Zeratul / Zagara

  • Mighty take two more obvious picks in Greymane and Rehgar. Rehgar is boasting a very impressive 80% winrate this season; he is undoubtedly the best all-purpose support as of this meta.
  • RoMg pick Tyrande for her massive synergy with ETC. With both Sonya and Thrall unavailable, Zeratul is chosen to fill the melee assassin position.
  • Mighty pull out a surprising but logical Zagara. She can freely bully all of RoMg’s heroes in a 1v1 lane and can also somewhat counteract Mosh Pit with Devouring Maw.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

1:40 RoMg pick off an overextending Muradin and take control of the center temple.

2:35 Having forfeited center temple, Mighty storm top, catch out ETC, and take top temple.

3:25 RoMg take down Zagara with a three-man botlane gank.

4:00 Mighty aggressively rush RoMg’s Siege Camp after Zagara heavily pushes top in. Rehgar and ETC are exchanged as the mercenaries are successfully recruited by Mighty.

5:00 Mighty greedily attempt to capture the bottom temple by having Sonya solo the guardians while the four others hold RoMg off. RoMg force their way in and burst down the lone Sonya, claiming the temple.

7:33 A crisp Void Prison catches two members of Mighty out of position as the rest of RoMg rush down for the kill. Devouring Maw is not enough to stop RoMg from emerging victorious and securing a meaningful experience lead.

9:30 What could have been a truly devastating teamfight loss for RoMg is averted by a clutch Mighty Gust from Falstad.

11:49 RoMg move towards the center temple confidently with their level 16 advantage, and Mighty are forced to back off after a short tussle. RoMg take both top and center temple.

14:32 RoMg attempt Boss while Mighty’s Zagara and Greymane are stuck at their own Bruiser Camp. Despite actually being at a severe numbers disadvantage, Mighty’s three members position aggressively and successfully manage to bluff RoMg off Boss.

15:33 Mighty win a teamfight for the first time this game, taking down Falstad in the chaos following a Devouring Maw initiation. They capture center temple and look to close the still-existing experience gap.

17:30 RoMg start Boss with their level 20 advantage but are wary of fully committing; a long standoff follows with Mighty attempting to slowly poke the objective down. ETC and Falstad use Powerslide and Mighty Gust to deny a steal as the Boss falls… but both skills are botched. Mighty manages to steal Boss by a miraculous millisecond, losing only Rehgar in the process.

20:05 Mighty emerge victorious in a 5v5 teamfight despite ETC hitting a fantastic four-man Mosh Pit. Sonya’s presence of mind during the emergency was instrumental.

23:50 Both teams commit to a full-on teamfight with the game on the line, but RoMg fail to overcome the severe lack of sustained damage in their composition. Mighty steamroll the battle and proceed to destroy the Core.



Match 2: Infernal Shrines

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | RoMg

Ban Phase 1: Kael’thas / Illidan

  • Both teams stick with their first ban from Match 1.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Sonya Xul / Muradin Thrall

  • RoMg again go for the solid, logical but unimpressive first pick Tassadar.
  • Mighty pick Sonya and Xul; both are standard and banworthy picks on Infernal Shrines. The casters mention Sonya’s winrate this season is now nearing 90%.
  • RoMg respond with similarly standard picks in Muradin and Thrall.

Ban Phase 2: Greymane / ETC

  • In contrast to many other teams, Mighty seem to have internally decided Greymane has priority over Falstad, understanding the holy trinity of ranged assassins to be Kael’thas, Li-Ming, and Greymane. They ban Greymane in hopes of taking Li-Ming.
  • Very standard ETC ban from RoMg as they have Muradin in hand.

Pick Phase 2: Li-Ming Rehgar / Tyrande Falstad / Stitches

  • Mighty opt for two more standard picks in Li-Ming and Rehgar. The casters note that Li-Ming has been performing as bad as Falstad this season with a winrate of 13.3%.
  • RoMg complete the standard Tassadar+Tyrande duo and round off with Falstad.
  • Without Muradin or ETC, Mighty decide to go with Stitches as their tank. The casters are quick to note that Stitches has failed to win a single game this season, grabbing the opportunity to cheerfully introduce Stitches as the Nexus’ new mascot for world peace. Stitches: he always lets you win and never puts up a fight.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:55 Mighty’s Xul makes a great early gank and catches out Tyrande.

1:50 RoMg repay the favor sending a four-man gank squad to kill Xul.

2:35 Both teams attempt to summon the first Punisher, but Mighty’s composition is better for capturing Shrines. Mighty’s Punisher knocks down a few turrets near RoMg’s bottom Fort before it falls, granting Mighty a slim experience lead.

4:40 Mighty decide to push their level 7 advantage by rushing to the enemy Siege Camp, and RoMg lose Muradin by not backing out quickly enough. The experience gap widens.

6:09 The second Shrine activates and both teams come to contest. Despite managing to isolate and take down Rehgar, RoMg are reluctant to abuse their numbers advantage as Mighty are dangerously nearing level 10. Their hesitation allows Mighty to force a fight and exchange Sonya for Muradin, placing Mighty in the better position to summon another Punisher and further tighten their grasp.

14:00 Over the last few minutes RoMg have somehow managed to nearly cancel their experience deficit through calm and measured defensive rotations. Both teams gather as the third Shrine activates, but a brilliant four-man Poison Nova forces RoMg to forfeit the objective. With their third Punisher wreaking havoc in front of RoMg’s Keep, Stitches lands a perfect Hook on Falstad and Mighty burst him down. RoMg’s bottom Keep falls.

17:55 RoMg halfheartedly contest the newly activated Shrine but are fanned off with ease. Alongside their fourth Punisher, Mighty take down RoMg’s remaining two Keeps and also three heroes before backing off the Core.

22:22 With no other option RoMg desperately commit to the fifth Shrine of the game, but the extended teamfight leads to Mighty securing their fifth consecutive Punisher. Before it even takes a single step, however, three lanes’ worth of catapults finish off RoMg’s Core.



Midmatch Interview

  • Despite being down in experience for the majority of Match 1, Mighty remained confident in their ability to teamfight and thus kept calm throughout.
  • RoMg were disheartened by their two losses but vowed to step it up.


Match 3: Battlefield of Eternity

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Kael’thas / Illidan

  • Both teams have first banned the same hero every match.

Pick Phase 1: Sonya / Greymane Muradin / Tassadar Li-Ming

  • RoMg finally mix things up by first picking Sonya instead of Tassadar. Considering her power on Battlefield of Eternity it seems to be a wise decision.
  • Mighty again go for very standard picks in Greymane and Muradin.
  • RoMg take Tassadar yet again and follow it up with a Li-Ming pick. Tassadar does work very well with Sonya, but RoMg’s Tassadar obession seems counterproductive.

Ban Phase 2: ETC / Zagara

  • The obvious ETC ban comes from Mighty.
  • RoMg decides on an unorthodox Zagara ban, perhaps due to Mighty’s playing around her well in Match 1.

Pick Phase 2: Thrall Rehgar / Tyrael Uther / Falstad

  • Mighty take another two very standard picks in Thrall and Rehgar.
  • ETC and Muradin being unavailable, Tyrael is selected as RoMg’s primary tank. They then decide to put faith in Sonya’s DPS potential and empower her with an Uther.
  • One commentator suggests Mighty go with Falstad just for the tilt factor, as RoMg’s Falstad was absolutely terrible in both previous games. It actually happens and the casters go wild. Will Falstad manage to escape from the hell of his now 10% winrate?


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

3:05 Mighty make the fantastic call of sending Greymane to solo the Immortal while using four other members to delay RoMg. Mighty’s Immortal wins by a mere 1,000 HP.

6:00 RoMg overcommit to Mighty’s low health Muradin and end up losing Tyrael instead, putting their Immortal at a huge health disadvantage. After a prolonged tussle, Mighty end up claiming their second Immortal and pushing down RoMg’s bottom Fort.

11:55 With a noticeably bloodthirsty Sonya at the helm, RoMg manage to take down Thrall and claim their first Immortal of the game. Pushing down Mighty’s bottom Fort allows them to close the experience gap significantly. Things are finally looking up for RoMg.

15:45 A sloppy offensive by RoMg ends up backfiring heavily. They somehow manage to pull out with everyone alive but the Immortal is now Mighty’s to take.

17:40 Mighty make another perfect call, sending Falstad to destroy the unguarded bottom Keep alone while four members and their Immortal push top hard. Both Keeps fall.

20:20 RoMg desperately move around the map for a miracle ambush to turn things around, but Mighty know the game is already in their bag. Three members of RoMg fall in the final teamfight and Mighty storm the Core without hesitation.

RoMg’s season is over.



Postmatch Interview Tidbits with Mighty Kong

  • We used to throw away early leads due to late game lapses in concentration. I’m very happy our late game concentration improved, as was shown in Match 1!
  • The Match 3 Falstad pick was purely strategic.
  • Our loss against MVP Black heavily influenced our picks and bans today.
  • I don’t really care which team we meet in the semifinals. I formerly played for both TNL and DsA; I would have mixed feelings either way.
  • Big thanks to the Group B teams and Team Hero for scrimming with us.


Postbroadcast Interview Tidbits with Mighty ZZANG

  • Our team believes Rehgar to be the best support in the game.
  • We expected to win, but not by 3-0.
  • RoMg drafted as we expected them to.
  • Our team composition for Match 3 had higher DPS against Immortals compared to RoMg’s, thus the Falstad pick. We would win no matter what as long as we could Mighty Gust them away from Immortal defense attempts.
  • Post-nerf Tracer is no longer a great pick, especially against targeted damage.


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