Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group A Losers Bracket: RAVE HOTS vs RoMg

Team Lineups

Hidden (Warrior)
Hamelin (Flex)
Jfeel (Support)
Nmx31 (Assassin)
Gilduck (Flex)

  • While warming up in the booth, Hidden made yet another cheerful “you’re going down” gesture at the camera. Having seen such flairs of confidence backfire in RAVE HOTS’ last defeat against Mighty, the casters were entertained but also concerned.

SWoN (Flex)
Good (Flex with Warrior/Assassin preference)
Mdk (Flex)
ePrime (Flex)
Frankle (Assassin)

  • RoMg have prepared a huge ‘roleswap’ for this series with only Frankle sticking with his original position. The casters are skeptical whether having so many flex players could be beneficial.


Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.


Match 1: Infernal Shrines

  • RoMg have successfully utilized Azmodan before on Infernal Shrines against MVP Black. Despite having lost that game, Azmodan made a good showing.
  • Tracer is now available in Superleague.

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Greymane

  • RAVE HOTS go with a relatively standard Xul ban.
  • The response is a less standard Greymane ban. It seems to be targeted at Nmx31.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Sonya Kael’thas / ETC Tyrande

  • The Tassadar first pick seems to be a preventative measure against a possible Illidan+Tassadar double pick from RoMg.
  • Sonya and Kael’thas are picked. Both are amazing picks on the map that double as deterrents to a possible Illidan pick.
  • The ETC+Tyrande combination is picked. The casters disagree heavily with picking Tyrande at this point in the draft, arguing the better third pick would have been either Li-Ming or Falstad.

Ban Phase 2: Li-Ming / Muradin

  • RoMg bans Li-Ming as expected.
  • With ETC already in hand, RAVE HOTS bans Muradin.

Pick Phase 2: Uther Johanna / Falstad Valla / Azmodan

  • RoMg take two very standard picks in Uther and Johanna. Although unmentioned by the casters, drafting Johanna hints at a possible Azmodan last pick.
  • RAVE HOTS take the standard Falstad then last pick Valla after lengthy deliberation. Unless Valla plays on fire for the entire match, RAVE HOTS may suffer from a critical lack of damage from a certain point on in the game.
  • Azmodunk enters the court as expected.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:43 RAVE HOTS manage to take down Johanna in the minute one gut check brawl.

3:20 Having summoned their first Punisher, RAVE HOTS heavily push RoMg’s center Fort but fail to destroy it. Azmodan is farming up in relative peace and RoMg are happy to maintain the slow pace of the game.

7:00 With their temporary level 10 advantage, RAVE HOTS summon their second Punisher and move to take down the top Fort. A full 5v5 breaks out as they advance to the top Keep. RoMg are happy to exchange Uther for ETC and defend the Keep.

9:20 RAVE HOTS force down a few more structures near RoMg’s bottom Fort and Keep. Azmodan is still not quite fully online and RoMg is starting to feel the heat.

10:25 RAVE HOTS succeed in summoning their third Punisher despite RoMg actually contesting the objective this time. RAVE HOTS fail to take down the center Keep but manage to destroy its surrounding structures, even furthering their level advantage.

12:40 RoMg fly back into the game with a bang by catching out Valla and Tyrande naively taking the 6’o clock Siege Camp. RoMg proceed to summon their first Punisher of the game and destroy RAVE HOTS’ bottom Fort. The experience gap closes significantly.

16:00 Azmodan is now at 420 stacks; RoMg are definitely ready to fight.

16:25 RoMg catches out a naively pushing Falstad just as another shrine activates. This could have been a fatal mistake but RoMg are hesitant to fully commit to the objective.

17:51 RoMg stuns Falstad amidst a cluttered teamfight around an activated shrine, allowing Azmodan to completely delete Falstad’s health bar with a fully stacked three-pointer. With the 5v4 advantage and a fresh Punisher, RoMg head to the Core and end.



Match 2: Battlefield of Eternity

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Thrall / Illidan

  • RAVE HOTS opt for a somewhat standard Thrall ban.
  • RoMg respond with a very standard Illidan ban.

Pick Phase 1: Abathur / Greymane Muradin / ETC Li-Ming

  • RAVE HOTS first picks Abathur. How exactly he will be utilized is uncertain.
  • RoMg takes two standard picks in Greymane and Muradin. RoMg seem to be quite concerned with not allowing RAVE HOTS to take Greymane.
  • RAVE HOTS follow up with ETC and Li-Ming. No synergy with Abathur so far.

Ban Phase 2: Zeratul / Tassadar

  • RoMg ban Zeratul. Zeratul is not only a great Ultimate Evolution target but also can prevent unfavorable engages when Ultimate Evolution is down.
  • RAVE HOTS ban Tassadar as Oracle heavily counters Toxic Nest.

Pick Phase 2: Tyrande Rehgar / Uther Stitches / Sonya

  • RoMg take yet another two standard picks in Tyrande and Rehgar. Both heroes work very well on this map as they offer more than relevant damage against Immortals.
  • RAVE HOTS take the standard Uther then surprise everyone with a last pick Stitches. RAVE HOTS seem to have zero desire to take Immortals, and seem to be looking to win skirmishes around the Immortals instead. How they will pull that off with only one assassin and overall low damage potential remains unclear.
  • RoMg take Sonya as she offers heavy damage against Immortals and perfectly rounds out their team composition.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

2:06 RoMg take down ETC and Uther in a full-blown teamfight as the first Immortals spawn. RAVE HOTS simply do not have enough damage in their composition.

4:00 RoMg claim their first Immortal and with it take down the bottom Fort.

5:20 The entirety of RoMg ambush three RAVE HOTS members taking the 6’o clock Siege Camp. Uther and ETC are killed. Even the mercenaries are recruited by RoMg.

7:49 RoMg take down ETC in a full-on teamfight and proceed to capture a full health Immortal. With it they take down RAVE HOTS’ bottom Keep. It is unclear whether this game is salvageable for RAVE HOTS.

11:00 RAVE HOTS wipe out RoMg as ETC pulls off a three-man Mosh Pit to put them back in the game. It remains to be seen if this reprieve can lead to an actual comeback.

12:35 RAVE HOTS push their advantage and take down Muradin, but their composition’s inability to burst down Immortals prevent them from doing anything. Even with their temporary numbers advantage they have few ways to make proactive plays.

14:20 ETC pulls off another three-man Mosh Pit, but RAVE HOTS are in no position to commit this time. ETC dies a lonely rockstar and the rest of his team retreat. RoMg take down a top Keep alongside their Immortal. RAVE HOTS now are two Keeps down.

18:35 RAVE HOTS’ flawed composition is highlighted yet again as they manage to take down Sonya but are unable to do anything with it. Sonya returns to the fray as Stitches falls in a skirmish, leaving RoMg to take yet another Immortal and with it the Core.



Hilarious Tracer Special

  • Superleague caster Uther Jung dresses up as a soldier for today’s special OGN Tracer Spotlight! He is cosplaying the main character from the recent megahit Korean TV drama series, Descendants of the Sun.
  • Uther Jung’s recommended talents for Tracer!
  • Uther Jung’s short review of Tracer!
  • The other two casters kept poking fun at Jung long after the special video ended, prompting Jung to sheepishly joke that Blizzard should stop releasing new heroes.


Midmatch Interview

  • RoMg thought Match 1 was made difficult by Johanna’s slip-up in the early game. They were impressed by RAVE HOTS Hidden’s clutch three-man Mosh Pit in Match 2, but were not overly worried as they had the much better team composition.
  • RAVE HOTS felt they played the better macro game overall in both games but threw it all away by making several naive, fatal decisions.


Match 3: Dragon Shire

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Falstad / Illidan

  • Standard bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Kael’thas Muradin / ETC Sonya

  • RAVE HOTS continue to prioritize Tassadar even despite the Illidan ban.
  • RoMg opt for very standard picks again with Kael’thas and Muradin.
  • RAVE HOTS respond with two also standard picks, ETC and Sonya.

Ban Phase 2: Li-Ming / Thrall

  • RoMg ban out Li-Ming, leaving RAVE HOTS with none of the holy trinity of ranged assassins.
  • Having taken Sonya, RAVE HOTS respond with a standard Thrall ban.

Pick Phase 2: Rehgar Tyrande / Uther Greymane / Zeratul

  • RoMg pick Rehgar and Tyrande together. The casters are surprised at the sudden ‘foreign meta’; picking Muradin and Tyrande together is very rare in Korea.
  • RAVE HOTS take two very standard picks in Uther and Greymane. There is a twist, however: Gilduck will play Greymane while Nmx31 will play Tassadar. It is unsure how this impromptu roleswap will work out for RAVE HOTS.
  • For RoMg, Zeratul would best round out the composition, whereas Zagara would safely ensure toplane dominance. They go for Zeratul.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

1:30 RoMg take down Sonya by throwing three members top, but it allows RAVE HOTS to take the first Dragon Knight in peace. RAVE HOTS are at an overall advantage.

2:25 RoMg attempt to three-man gank Sonya yet again, but this time Sonya is not without friends. RAVE HOTS turn the gank around and kill Tyrande.

5:25 An extended 4v4 skirmish at top shrine ends up as a 3-for-2 exchange in favor of RoMg. RoMg are unable to take anything out of the slim victory, however.

8:00 A long and exciting 5v5 teamfight at bottom shrine showcases great concentration and decisionmaking by both teams.

9:30 Another long and exciting 5v5 teamfight near RoMg’s bottom Fort again showcases great concentration and decisionmaking by both teams.

12:20 RAVE HOTS succeed in taking a Dragon Knight with their level 16 advantage and slightly faster rotation.

13:35 RAVE HOTS greedily commit to a teamfight in unfavorable terrain and are punished for it, losing several members and handing over their experience advantage.

15:36 RAVE HOTS picks off a lone Zeratul near top shrine, allowing them to capture the Dragon Knight and destroy RoMg’s center Keep. They entertain the idea of rushing the Core for a moment but wisely back off.

19:24 A clean Dimensional Shift into Force Wall allows RAVE HOTS to pick off Muradin and press their advantage. Another Force Wall takes down Rehgar.

21:00 With the Dragon Knight, RAVE HOTS fearlessly all-in the Core and win the game.



Match 4: Cursed Hollow

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Abathur / Falstad

  • Very standard bans from both teams leave Illidan open.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Muradin Sonya / Illidan Rehgar

  • RoMg mirror RAVE HOTS’ strategy from Match 1: first picking Tassadar and forcing the opposition to either pick or attempt to counter Illidan.
  • RAVE HOTS decide to pick two soft Illidan counters – Muradin and Sonya.
  • RoMg bite the bullet and respond by taking Illidan and the standard Rehgar.

Ban Phase 2: ETC / Kael’thas

  • RAVE HOTS deny RoMg ETC, already having Muradin in hand.
  • RoMg ban out Kael’thas, a soft counterpick to Illidan.

Pick Phase 2: Li-Ming Greymane / Tyrael Sylvanas / Tyrande

  • RAVE HOTS take two very standard assassins.
  • RoMg take Tyrael as a dive buddy for Illidan then round off their composition with Sylvanas.
  • RAVE HOTS top off their anti-Illidan composition with Tyrande.


Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

1:50 RAVE HOTS stunlock and take down Illidan successfully.

4:30 A chaotic teamfight breaks out near the second tribute. Illidan goes off and three members of RAVE HOTS fall, allowing RoMg to equal the tribute count.

6:00 An extended teamfight near the next tribute ends up with RAVE HOTS taking down three members of RoMg and taking their second tribute.

8:20 RAVE HOTS start off a clean stunlock on Illidan, but Tyrael and Sylvanas use their ultimates perfectly to turn the tide. RoMg emerge victorious.

9:55 RoMg take down two members of RAVE HOTS and secure their third tribute. Under the curse they take top Fort but are unable to further their advantage.

10:40 RAVE HOTS make the perfect decision to go for blue side Boss, capturing it free of resistance. Tyrael comes to scout the area but is also caught in the act.

12:49 Despite Illidan dying very early in a 5v5 teamfight, RoMg end up wiping out all members of RAVE HOTS. They move to capture red side Boss while RAVE HOTS collect the third tribute and trigger a curse.

15:00 RAVE HOTS makes a brilliant daredevil call to blindly rush top Keep under the curse. They succeed.

16:45 A perfect stunlock down to the millisecond allows RAVE HOTS to pick off a lone Tyrael and capture blue side Boss. RAVE HOTS proceeds to destroy the bottom Keep alongside their Boss, but for some reason make a horrible, horrible call to all-in the Core without even reaching level 20. Four members of RAVE HOTS fall in the foolish attempt. With no hero to stop them, RoMg happily waltz over to RAVE HOTS’ Core and end.

RAVE HOTS’ season is over.



Postmatch Interview Tidbits with RoMg Mdk

  • We’re happy to have taken revenge on RAVE HOTS for our previous defeat in the Winners League. We’re also satisfied our strategy of having four flex players paid off, although it seriously backfired in our pick and ban phase for Match 3.
  • Having recently switched to support for a while, suddenly playing Illidan on stage did make me a bit tense. I used to be a flex player and had a good Illidan, though, so I was confident in my ability to pull it off.
  • I believe our stellar teamfighting ability comes from individual excellence.
  • ePrime loves Azmodan way too much… but we try to let him play what he wants.
  • As the eldest on the team, leading my teammates can be a chore sometimes. Frankle is a crybaby, and two members I shall not name are late for practice literally all the time. Of course for the most part I am proud of the work our team puts in. Being an amateur team, three of us are full-time students and can only play on evenings.
  • Mighty is a good team but we will try our best to win tomorrow.
  • TNL and DsA scrim with us regularly despite our being an amateur team. We’re very thankful and promise to continue proving our worth through our play.
  • I would like to thank the members of my clan ‘PoohManDu’ (which works as a Korean acronym for “We Help You Go Pro”) who keep my spirits high whenever professional play stresses me out.

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