Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group A Winners Bracket: MVP Black vs Mighty

Team Lineups

MVP Black:
Sake (Assassin)
KyoCha (Flex)
merryday (Support)
Rich (Warrior/Assassin)
Sign (Warrior)

  • KyoCha’s champion pool is expanding ever further as always, but recently he has shown a heavy preference for specialists that excel in securing experience leads.
  • merryday reportedly is the only member of MVP Black that receives individual gifts from local Chinese fans, most likely thanks to his relatively good looks. His teammates have professed their envy.

Pang (Flex)
DDuDDu (Assassin)
Kong (Flex)
ZZANG (Support)
JOKER (Warrior)

  • Pang had previously been criticized for his champion pool but has stepped up to show great versatility recently. He has been practicing Artanis in Hero League and may pull it out today.
  • DDuDDu has shown great proficiency on Valla in his last series. Casters mention he looks a lot like SC2 pro PartinG.

Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • There was no prematch trashtalk segment for this series.

Match 1: Infernal Shrines

Pick & Ban Phase
MVP Black | Mighty

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Illidan

  • Mighty ban out Xul in light of KyoCha’s recent pick preferences.
  • Standard Illidan ban from MVP Black.

Pick Phase 1: Kael’thas / Tassadar Sonya / Thrall Muradin

  • Kael’thas is a standard first pick, even more so on Infernal Shrines.
  • Commentators expect MVP Black to pick up either Falstad or Li-Ming in response, but they opt instead for Tassadar and Sonya.
  • Mighty take another two standard picks in Thrall and Muradin.

Ban Phase 2: Falstad / Greymane

  • Standard Falstad ban from MVP Black.
  • Some teams have been experimenting with using Tyrael+Greymane as a Kael’thas counter. As MVP Black has the best Greymane player in the world anyway, Mighty’s Greymane ban seems doubly wise.

Pick Phase 2: Rehgar ETC / Zagara Malfurion / Tychus

  • While MVP Black take standard picks in Rehgar and ETC, casters try to guess what assassin they will last pick, cautiously suggesting the possibility of Tychus. Tychus with double support has been rumored to be an effective Muradin counterpick.
  • Mighty pick up Zagara and Malfurion to round out their very standard composition.
  • MVP Black last picks Tychus, visibly exciting the casters.

Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

0:54 ETC falls to an unexpected gank up top.

1:38 ETC repays the favor with a gank on mid to take out Kael’thas.

2:15 Thrall falls at the shrine skirmish and MVP Black take the first Punisher.

5:10 MVP Sake has been known to prefer damage talents in almost all situations for almost all heroes. His preference is showing again in this game as Tychus.

5:37 Muradin falls surprisingly quickly to Tychus in front of the second activated shrine, and his absense allows Sonya to finish soloing the shrine in peace. The Tychus pick seems to be working out great so far.

9:18 What seemed to be a perfect initiation by Sign did not amount to much. Mighty are definitely still in this game and have not lost their concentration yet.

10:06 Thrall is caught out of position, allowing MVP Black to summon their third consecutive Punisher and accelerate their snowball. Their seemingly natural dominance prompts the casters to label MVP Black’s games as an ‘open lecture series’ that creates an ‘educational meta’ in which all other teams just take notes and receive practice sets.

11:40 Muradin melts again to Tychus’ surprising damage output. Mighty have no idea how to deal with MVP Black’s composition and neither do the casters.

12:45 Muradin and Tassadar’s lives are exchanged in front of Mighty’s center Keep. Both teams disengage. A short reprieve for Mighty.

14:05 Rehgar is caught out of position by a Sundering and dies, but Mighty fail to push their advantage and remain indecisive while Sonya goes to solo the fourth shrine. Even with Sonya gone, MVP Black commit without fear to a 4v5 as Rehgar returns. Mighty are forced to back off and are unable to hearth, allowing the Punisher to push unfettered and ultimately end up destroying the top Keep.

16:15 With all of Mighty’s ultimates on cooldown, MVP Black successfully open up a 5v5. Muradin, Thrall, Malfurion, Kael’thas, and Zagara fall in rapid succession. With all members of Mighty down, MVP Black waltz to and take down the Core.


Match 2: Tomb of the Spider Queen

Pick & Ban Phase
MVP Black | Mighty

Ban Phase 1: Xul / Illidan

  • The two teams ban each other’s Match 1 first bans.

Pick Phase 1: Tassadar / Kael’thas Thrall / Muradin Greymane

  • MVP Black show their faith in KyoCha’s Tassadar with a first pick.
  • Despite it being natural to pick up either ETC or Muradin at this point, Mighty’s newfound fear of Tychus discourage them from an early tank pick. They opt for safe picks in Kael’thas and Thrall.
  • Grinning, MVP Black pick Muradin and Greymane.

Ban Phase 2: Sonya / ETC

  • Having felt pressured by Rich’s Sonya last game, Mighty decide to ban it out.
  • MVP Black ban ETC without hesitation, Muradin already being in their hands.

Pick Phase 2: Uther Johanna / Tyrande Zeratul / Stitches

  • Casters keep emphasizing Mighty may need to just bite the bullet and pick Tychus themselves. Mighty however take two safe picks in Uther and Johanna.
  • MVP Black are happy to complete the Tassadar+Tyrande duo and hand Rich Zeratul.
  • Mighty’s Stitches last pick take the casters off guard. It is expected Stitches to take the ‘DPStitches’ build and focus on amplifying his Slam damage.

Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

00:35 An early 5v5 skirmish leads to a two-for-one exchange in favor of MVP Black.

01:25 Kael’thas is caught out between the lanes and dies.

03:00 Stitches’ naive Hook attempt ends up being a death grab as he encounters a four-man gank. Mighty have yet to justify the Stitches pick.

05:13 Johanna is burst down in front of her center Fort trying to defend a Webweaver push.

06:56 MVP Black take down Uther and Kael’thas right in front of Mighty’s own base. Unlike Match 1, Mighty look not only lost but also overwhelmed.

7:40 Stitches overextends and is caught out yet again. Thrall tiptoes to the side in order to attempt a miracle Sundering but his greed is also immediately punished.

10:00 Despite ending up at a slight loss in an extended 5v5 teamfight, Mighty seem to have finally regained their concentration.

10:58 Mighty catch Muradin out and manage to summon their first Webweavers, but are reluctant to push heavily with their temporary advantage.

11:40 MVP Black commit to a 4v5 and inexplicably overpower Mighty, forcing a retreat.

13:40 MVP Black push forward to Mighty’s center Keep. Thrall pulls out a beautiful Sundering to pick off Greymane, but MVP Black proceed to turn to the bottom Keep despite their numbers disadvantage. In the ensuing 4v5, MVP Black manage to take down Kael’thas and Stitches, losing only Tyrande in return. The bottom Keep also falls.

15:35 Mighty catch out Zeratul and proceed to summon their second batch of Webweavers, but are unable to attempt anything else. In response, MVP Black force a push and take Mighty’s center Keep, losing only Greymane in the process.

17:54 Even with Greymane still dead MVP Black decide to rush Boss with their level 20 advantage. MVP Black win the 4v5 teamfight at Boss, secure it, and end the game.


Midmatch Interview

  • No midmatch interview today. The break was used to showcase Chromie and Medivh, Ranked Play changes, and fresh OGN interviews with Blizzard developers.

Match 3: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
MVP Black | Mighty

Ban Phase 1: Tassadar / Illidan

  • KyoCha’s stellar performance ends up forcing Mighty to first ban Tassadar.
  • Standard Illidan ban from MVP Black.

Pick Phase 1: Thrall / Greymane Muradin / Falstad Uther

  • Standard first pick Thrall from Mighty.
  • MVP Black take Greymane and Muradin yet again.
  • A standard Falstad pick is followed by an Uther pick – an effective ETC forfeit.

Ban Phase 2: ETC / Abathur

  • MVP Black happily ban ETC yet again.
  • Given the map, Mighty decide to further target KyoCha with an Abathur ban.

Pick Phase 2: Rehgar Sylvanas / Li-Ming Tyrael / Zeratul

  • MVP Black follow up the standard Rehgar pick with a Sylvanas that can secure an early advantage against Falstad.
  • Mighty go for even more damage with Li-Min and Tyrael.
  • MVP Black round off their composition with Zeratul yet again.

Key Moments
0:00 Match start.

2:10 As expected, Falstad fails to waveclear against Sylvanas’ early push and is forced to recall. With Greymane capturing top temple alone and the remaining members managing to delay center temple even with a numbers disadvantage, MVP Black is at a clear lead.

2:49 Rehgar and Greymane fall in the center temple skirmish, allowing Mighty to capture center temple and successfully bridge the experience gap.

5:49 What was looking to be a very close fight ends up being a floor wipe for MVP Black, with Thrall, Uther, Tyrael, Li-Ming, and Falstad falling in succession.

7:39 Falstad is caught out and burst down by a gank squad, using Mighty Gust in vain.

9:30 Zeratul captures bottom temple alone while the rest of his team holds Mighty off center temple 4v5. After securing his objective, Zeratul proceeds to head mid and take down Tyrael. Mighty are forced to disengage with Mighty Gust and forfeit center temple.

12:01 MVP Black burst down Boss as top temple spawns. Mighty approach to all-in for a steal attempt but are denied by a perfect Void Prison.

13:01 Mighty show their desperation by opening a teamfight despite their talent disadvatnage. All five members fall in order after a botched initiation and the game ends.


Postmatch Interview Tidbits with MVP Sake

  • I am grateful to my teammates for keeping up with such a harsh schedule and our coach for taking great care of us.
  • Although we tried to not pay attention, our 41-game win streak slowly became a huge mental burden for us. Some of us felt overly pressured.
  • Our team values comfort picks over meta picks.
  • We have scrimmed extensively with EDG and eStar while in China. Our Match 1 Tychus pick was influenced by those scrims and the Chinese Hero League meta.
  • In light of Rich reaching over 220 pounds and my following his footsteps, we have agreed to go on strict diets until September. I pledge a hefty cash reward for anyone who catches Rich eating something past 6 PM.
  • League of Legends player SKT T1 Bang recently proved one can go on a strict diet while maintaining their level of play. We will do the same.
  • GHL Semifinals and Finals are coming up this weekend. We feel quite lonely when playing in front of a Chinese crowd; please root for us extra hard from home!

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