Superleague 2016 S2 Quarterfinals Group A: Mighty vs RAVE HOTS

Team Lineups

Pang (Flex)
DDuDDu (Assassin)
Kong (Flex)
ZZANG (Support)
JOKER (Warrior)

Hidden (Warrior)
Hamelin (Flex)
Jfeel (Support)
Nmx31 (Assassin)
Gilduck (Flex)

  • Both teams switched three players over the offseason.
  • This match is JOKER’s debut for Mighty. His former team? RAVE HOTS.
  • The Korean commentators went wild over the Mighty player’s IGNs, repeatedly emphasizing how cute they sound when read in order quickly. The commentators continued to blurt out “PangDDuDDuKongZZANGJOKER” just for fun all evening.

Prematch Trashtalk Segment Snippets

  • Both teams talked down the opposition as a mere stepping stone to their eventual challenge against MVP Black.
  • Mighty ZZANG: “Last season we lost 3-1; we plan to pay back 3-1.”
  • RAVE HOTS Hamelin: “We expect a 3-1 win because Mighty is a bad team. HotS gameplay revolves around tanks, and Mighty JOKER is not a very good tank. We taught JOKER how to play the game… we know the flaws in his game.”
  • While warming up in the booth, RAVE HOTS Hidden made a cheerful thumbing-down gesture at the camera as a display of confidence. The commentators mentioned such lighthearted prematch BM usually ends up backfiring.

Match 1: Cursed Hollow

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | RAVE HOTS

Ban Phase 1: Falstad Illidan

  • Standard bans from both sides.

Pick Phase 1: Greymane Muradin Abathur ETC Li-Ming

  • RAVE HOTS Gilduck went undefeated with Greymane in this season’s qualifiers (4-0), hence the somewhat unorthodox first pick.
  • Mighty has reason to feel pressured into taking Li-Ming, as RAVE HOTS is known to love taking both Greymane and Li-Ming quickly in the draft. However Mighty decides to simply pick up Muradin and Abathur.
  • This opens RAVE HOTS to instalock ETC and Li-Ming.

Ban Phase 2: Thrall Kael’thas

  • The commentators suggest Mighty should look to ban heroes with exceptional waveclear lest Abathur become neutered. After much deliberation Mighty decide to ban Thrall, however.
  • RAVE HOTS responds with the somewhat expected Kael’thas ban. Korea perceives Kael’thas, Falstad, and Li-Ming to be the three best ranged assassins of this patch.

Pick Phase 2: Valla Uther Zeratul Tyrande The Butcher

  • Mighty very quickly take Valla and Uther. The Valla pick is understood to be caused by the unavailability of any of the aforementioned holy trinity of ranged assassins. As Abathur cannot protect Valla sufficiently, Uther is added to the mix.
  • RAVE HOTS select Zeratul and Tyrande. Zeratul is thought to be great against Abathur and Valla. Tyrande is taken for her massive synergy with ETC.
  • Mighty last pick The Butcher for his synergy with Abathur and threat against Li-Ming. The lack of Cleanse on RAVE HOTS facilitates this decision.


Key Moments
0:00 – Match start.

2:25 – RAVE HOTS strike lucky as the first tribute spawns top: this allows their siege mercenaries to push freely and heavily negate Abathur’s experience soak. After a minute or so of tussling, RAVE HOTS manage to push Mighty away with their numbers advantage and seize the first tribute.

5:00 – A full-on teamfight breaks out next to the second tribute. Mighty grabs the initial upper hand by bursting down Greymane early into the battle. However a lack of communication leads to Valla and The Butcher focusing different heroes and thus failing to kill any. RAVE HOTS capitalize on the mistake and take down both The Butcher and Uther, leaving them free to grab their second tribute.

5:56 – Mighty start blue side Boss but are caught in the act within ten seconds. Four members of RAVE HOTS soon arrive and force Mighty to disengage. Boss resets.

7:00 – RAVE HOTS are higher on health and manage to grab the third tribute without much tussle. However their overconfidence during the curse leads Greymane to be caught grossly out of position. Li-Ming and ETC also fall in quick succession. RAVE HOTS lose their huge level advantage.

9:25 – Mighty start blue side Boss then quickly turn as RAVE HOTS arrive. With better overall coordination Mighty emerge victorious in the ensuing teamfight. RAVE HOTS seems to have no solution for even one Ruthless Onslaught, let alone two. Commentators lament RAVE HOTS’ decision to contest blue side Boss when the better decision was to simply take red side Boss.

11:00 – Mighty take their first tribute after bursting down a lone ETC.

11:55 – RAVE HOTS immediately start red side Boss after ETC revives and manage to capture it before Mighty get in position.

12:40 – Mighty decide to contest tribute despite Ultimate Evolution being on cooldown. Thanks to a brilliant Rain of Vengeance immediately nullifying RAVE HOTS’ Void Prison into Mosh Pit sequence, Mighty wipe out the entire enemy team.

15:00 – A teamfight breaks out as what could be the third tribute for Mighty spawns. RAVE HOTS burst down Valla instantly after locking Uther down in Void Prison. However Abathur and The Butcher dish out enough damage afterwards for the battle to end as a two-for-two exchange. Mighty still hold a one-level lead.

17:45 – The final teamfight of the match breaks out as what again could be the third tribute for Mighty spawns. Even with Ultimate Evolution down, a premature Void Prison leads to Mighty handily winning the battle with perfect use of Lamb to the Slaughter and Rain of Vengeance. Mighty collect the third tribute and proceed to end the game under the curse.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.10.32 PM

Match 2: Sky Temple

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | RAVE HOTS

Ban Phase 1: Falstad Illidan

  • Both teams stick with their choice of first ban.

Pick Phase 1: Greymane Muradin Abathur Uther Li-Ming

  • Both teams stick with their choice of first pick(s).
  • This time RAVE HOTS take Uther and Li-Ming instead of ETC and Li-Ming. Uther is picked early as to deter Mighty from utilizing The Butcher again.

Ban Phase 2: ETC Rehgar

  • As Muradin and ETC are considered the two best all-around tanks as of this meta, Mighty’s ETC ban is fairly obvious.
  • As Uther and Rehgar are considered the two best all-around supports as of this meta, RAVE HOTS’ Rehgar ban is also quite logical.

Pick Phase 2: Valla Thrall Johanna Tyrael Kharazim

  • Mighty find themselves in a similar situation to their last match, and Valla is picked again. In order to round out their composition Mighty add Thrall.
  • Johanna is picked for both her waveclear against Abathur and blind against Valla and Thrall. The Tyrael pick makes much less sense and seems to simply be a comfort pick for Hamelin. Commentators note either picking Xul or Sylvanas as to seriously shut Abathur down would have been a more logical choice.
  • Korean supports usually default to Kharazim when both Uther and Rehgar are unavailable. ZZANG decides to go with the flow.


Key Moments
0:00 – Match start.

2:00 – Muradin lands a crucial Storm Bolt on Johanna, allowing Mighty to burst her down and start securing the center temple. Notable here is Valla’s choice to go for the full Hungering Arrow build which requires less protective investment from the team. RAVE HOTS fail to take back the temple despite their numbers advantage, and with Abathur happily soaking bot, Mighty start to widen the experience gap.

3:45 – After attemping to contest the top temple RAVE HOTS fall back again without much resistance. Mighty extend their lead.

6:40 – Mighty reach level 10 first and completely seize control of their third temple of the game. RAVE HOTS still seem to be clueless against the Abathur problem.

8:00 – A clutch Tyrael engage nets RAVE HOTS a kill, but other than a much-needed morale boost the takedown fails to amount to much.

9:15 – Top and bot temples open simultaneously. The two teams take one each.

9:30 – Mighty attempt Boss, quickly retreat when discovered, but swiftly return to redouble their effort. Tyrael frantically coming down from the top temple is not quick enough for RAVE HOTS to stop Mighty. Johanna desperately attempts to stall time until Tyrael arrives, but fails and dies. Mighty capture Boss.

12:20 – Mighty emerge slightly victorious from a drawn-out teamfight just before two temples open. Mighty proceeds to attempt to control the center temple.

13:30 – A second drawn-out teamfight occurs as RAVE HOTS contest the center temple. Off the back of another daredevil Tyrael move, RAVE HOTS claim their first meaningful victory of the game. RAVE HOTS finish the center temple but are still at a level disadvantage.

15:00 – As RAVE HOTS somewhat greedily attempt to finish the top temple, a full-blown teamfight ensues. Displaying overwhelmingly better coordination, Mighty cleanly wipe their opposition and proceed to destroy the Core.


Midseries Interview

  • Mighty professed satisfaction with their pick & ban phase for both games, claiming everything had gone according to plan and their practice was showing off.
  • RAVE HOTS conceded their pick & ban decisions had been a bit off the mark so far, but promised to win Match 3 no matter what.

Match 3: Infernal Shrines

Pick & Ban Phase

Ban Phase 1: Kael’thas Thrall

  • Kael’thas is a top priority pick on this map.
  • RAVE HOTS deliberately opens Illidan with a Thrall ban.

Pick Phase 1: Illidan Abathur Greymane Uther Li-Ming

  • Mighty immediately pick up Illidan.
  • RAVE HOTS decide to deny Mighty of Abathur but retain their fixation with Greymane. Commentators mention taking away another Illidan support such as Tassadar may have been more sensible.
  • Mighty pick Uther to offer Illidan greater support, then finally address RAVE HOTS’ preference for the Greymane + Li-Ming combination by taking away Li-Ming.

Ban Phase 2: Falstad Sonya

  • RAVE HOTS seem to dislike playing against Falstad regardless of circumstance.
  • Mighty ban Sonya, one of the best counterpicks to Illidan.

Pick Phase 2: ETC Rehgar Muradin Xul Sylvanas

  • ETC is considered the best tank to impede Illidan. Rehgar is picked as he is not banned and Uther is taken.
  • Muradin is picked as he is not banned and ETC is taken. Xul is not only a solid pick on this map in general but also puts immense pressure on Abathur.
  • Sylvanas is also a solid pick on this map and also counters some of Xul’s pressure.


Key Moments
0:00 – Match start.

2:30 – RAVE HOTS completely ignore the top shrine and send all members to push mid instead. After taking down two towers quickly they rotate top to defend against the Punisher. A small skirmish ensues as the Punisher falls, and a clean Powerslide grants RAVE HOTS a kill as well as a small experience lead.

6:15 – ETC catches out Xul overextending, leading to RAVE HOTS grabbing another kill. Mighty commit to a full teamfight despite being a man down but their overconfidence costs them Li-Ming’s life.

7:30 – RAVE HOTS win another teamfight at the center shrine. Mighty manage to summon a Punisher amidst the chaos but it falls very quickly to RAVE HOTS’ defense.

9:00 – A very audacious individual play by Greymane nets a kill on Muradin. Muradin’s death leads to Mighty losing their bottom fort, and only Xul’s presence keeps the level gap from widening at escape velocity.

11:00 – RAVE HOTS decide to completely ignore the center shrine and send all members to push top instead, reaching level 16 in the process. With minions and mercenaries behind them, RAVE HOTS fearlessly initiate a teamfight under Mighty’s Keep.

12:00 – Emerging victorious from the teamfight, RAVE HOTS greedily storm the Core. Mighty manages to fend them off somehow and save their Core at 3%. However the previously huge experience gap is now nowhere to be seen.

14:05 – RAVE HOTS’ attempt to ambush Mighty at blue side Bruiser camp backfires completely. Mighty are finally at an experience advantage.

15:45 – RAVE HOTS attempt to ambush Mighty at the very same bush. It backfires again and RAVE HOTS end up losing their Keep.

16:50 – Mighty throw spectacularly by committing to what has to be the worst Core call of the year. RAVE HOTS defend without breaking a sweat with their Core at 55%. With four members of Mighty lost in the futility, RAVE HOTS waltz over to the 3% Core and end.


Match 4: Battlefield of Eternity

Pick & Ban Phase
Mighty | RAVE HOTS

Ban Phase 1: Abathur Illidan

  • RAVE HOTS do not want to be pressured into an Abathur first pick.
  • Mighty returns to first banning Illidan.

Pick Phase 1: Li-Ming Muradin Greymane Uther Zeratul

  • RAVE HOTS finally quit first picking Greymane and instead opt for Li-Ming.
  • Mighty first pick the all-purpose Muradin. Greymane is taken next to deny RAVE HOTS their preferred duo.
  • RAVE HOTS respond with Uther and Zeratul, the latter being a rather unorthodox pick at this stage in the draft, especially with Thrall open. The commentators guess it may have been taken to empower Li-Ming.

Ban Phase 2: ETC Thrall

  • With Muradin already in their hands, Mighty’s ETC ban is obvious.
  • Why Zeratul over Thrall has still not been answered, but a Thrall ban here is standard.

Pick Phase 2: Sonya Sylvanas Stitches Sgt.Hammer Rehgar

  • With Thrall unavailable, Mighty decide on Sonya for a melee assassin that can offer great firepower against Immortals. Sylvanas is taken next as she rounds out the team quite well while also granting enormous power to allied Immortals.
  • RAVE HOTS bravely pull out a double cheese strategy with Stitches and Sgt. Hammer. The Stitches + Zeratul combination is a proven powerhouse, whereas Sgt. Hammer has long been considered a potentially overpowered yet unproven niche pick on this particular map. The commentators were rather dumbfounded by the Sgt. Hammer pick, shouting “Hammer? Hammer?” repeatedly in doubt for a good twenty seconds.
  • Rehgar was the obvious remaining pick for Mighty.


Key Moments
0:00 – Match start.

1:30 – Members of RAVE HOTS are picked off multiple times over a minute or so, and Mighty take the first Immortal without much hassle. With help from Sylvanas, the first Immortal successfully takes down the bottom Fort.

6:30 – Sgt. Hammer having yet to show any of her worth, Mighty comfortably take their second Immortal and begin another devastating push.

7:30 – Mighty takes a Keep and the push does not stop here. With the Immortal still healthy and a fresh level 10 power spike, Mighty all-in the Core and destroy it before the eight minute mark.


Postmatch Interview Tidbits from Mighty JOKER

  • “We didn’t tryhard in Match 3 since we wanted an exact 3-1 win.”
  • “RAVE HOTS taunted me after my move to Mighty. This revenge tastes sweet.”
  • “Hamelin brushed me off as a bad tank in the prematch trashtalk segment… but after facing his team, I found out I’m better than Hidden.”
  • “We were preparing a The Butcher pick even before his recent buffs.”
  • “The Sgt. Hammer pick was hilarious. Everyone cracked up as soon as she was locked in; we knew it was going to be a free win.”
  • “I’m not too confident in us beating MVP Black but we’ll try our best.”

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